Angelina Jolie Once Hired Own Brother As Full-Time Nanny for Her 6 Kids — Inside Their Relationship

Angelina Jolie and her former husband, Brad Pitt, are parents to six children: twins Knox and Vivienne, Pax, Shiloh, Zahara, and Maddox. Despite their split, Jolie remains a devoted mother to her kids.

During Jolie and Pitt’s marriage, her brother, James Haven, played a significant role in caring for their six children, often taking on babysitting duties when the celebrity couple sought private time.

Jolie and Haven, who bear a resemblance to their mother, were once very close, raised by a loving and strong woman. They had a normal upbringing away from the chaos of celebrity life. Despite leading a more modest life than his sister, Haven is an actor, director, and producer, with roles such as “Gia” alongside Jolie.

Since 2006, Haven has served as the executive board director of Artivist, a Los Angeles festival that focuses on films addressing human rights, animal rights, and environmental issues.

Their close bond was evident when Jolie won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for “Girl, Interrupted” in 2006. During her acceptance speech, she expressed her love for her brother, sparking baseless rumors about their relationship. Haven clarified that their bond was familial, dismissing claims of inappropriate behavior.

Haven often seeks advice from his sister, emphasizing their strong connection. Growing up in a divorced home, Jolie aimed to ensure her brother found the right woman. Their close relationship led Haven to joke that he hadn’t found the right partner because his sister was too picky for him.

Haven, a perfectionist who admires strong women, has found it challenging to find the right match, feeling that his sister sets a high standard. Despite their closeness, Haven and Jolie seem to have drifted apart in recent years, with Haven no longer serving as a full-time nanny for Jolie’s kids.

While they were once inseparable, each now pursues their own path, and public sightings of them together have become rare. Despite this distance, both siblings are charitable, with Haven actively involved in mental health, anti-human trafficking, and protection work.

Haven, a reliable and dedicated individual, continues to work on various movie projects. His ongoing film, “Court of Conscience,” featuring his father and the late Anton Yelchin, is set for release in 2024. Haven commends Jolie’s acting and acknowledges her early passion for the field, crediting their mom as her first manager.

Although Haven faced challenges in gaining recognition in the industry, he harbors no resentment, feeling close to Jolie and acting as her protector. While Jolie’s success initially led him to question his abilities, he remains supportive.

Currently unmarried and without children, Haven, who once considered adoption, is grateful for a 20-year connection with someone special. Despite uncertainties about marriage or fatherhood in the future, Haven speaks positively about Jolie, emphasizing their enduring familial bond.