Firerose, 35, comes out with abuse allegations against Billy Ray Cyrus, 62, in response to divorce

The news that Billy Ray Cyrus is filing for divorce from his wife of just seven months, 35-year-old Australian singer Firerose, has surprised many. Now, Firerose has made her own accusations against her estranged husband.

Read on to find out more about the unfolding situation.

In court documents filed on June 14th in Williamson County, Tennessee, Firerose, the 35-year-old estranged wife of Billy Ray Cyrus, claimed that the 62-year-old singer was emotionally, psychologically, and verbally abusive during their marriage.

These allegations were filed in response to Cyrus’s divorce petition. Firerose detailed her accusations, including claims of “intentional infliction of emotional distress for his financial abuse” and “intentional delay of [her] long-planned surgery,” which she clarified was a preventative double mastectomy.

Firerose, whose real name is Johanna Rose Hodges, also accused Cyrus of interfering in her music career and of persistent drug use, including marijuana, which she said made him unpredictable and volatile.

Additionally, Firerose alleged that Cyrus had promised to pay for her surgery and subsequent care but filed for divorce a day before the surgery was scheduled. She stated that she had “relied on [Cyrus’s] promises to pay for her surgery, and [he] has now repudiated that promise.”

The documents claimed that “on the day [Firerose] was set to get her surgery, she was instead searching for a place to live and under significant emotional distress.” They also alleged that Cyrus’s family members harassed her into leaving the marital home the day before her scheduled surgery, causing rifts in her professional relationships.

Billy Ray Cyrus’s lawyers, Rose Palermo and Jason Talley, released a statement following these claims, saying, “We regret that Ms. Hodges has chosen to litigate this 7-month marriage in the press and has left Mr. Cyrus with no recourse but to set the record straight.”

They further claimed that Firerose’s allegations are dubious, noting that she begged Cyrus to take her back just two days after he filed for divorce. They stated, “If Mr. Cyrus was truly guilty of the allegations that Ms. Hodges alleges in her pleadings, then it is mindboggling to try and explain why she would want to return to live with him.”

Cyrus’s lawyers also provided documentation of a handwritten note and a text message allegedly sent by Firerose to Cyrus, professing her love and need to be with him.

The abuse allegations emerged one day after it was revealed that Cyrus was seeking a temporary restraining order against Firerose. Cyrus also claimed that Firerose had made 37 unauthorized charges totaling $96,986 on his business credit cards shortly after he filed for divorce.

In his affidavit, Cyrus expressed concern that Firerose might use other information to make additional unauthorized charges. Firerose responded by saying she had access to Cyrus’s credit card information for years and that she was simply maintaining her lifestyle as it had been during the marriage.

Cyrus asserted that they did not share bank accounts, credit cards, or real estate and that neither had authorization to use the other’s cards or accounts. He also noted that Firerose owns significant real estate in Los Angeles and has substantial liquid and investment assets. He is requesting that Firerose refund any purchases made with his business card.

Cyrus filed the divorce papers on May 23 in Williamson County, citing “irreconcilable differences” and “inappropriate marital conduct.” He also claimed that the “consent to marriage was obtained by fraud.”

The couple first met on the set of “Hannah Montana,” a show Cyrus starred in with his daughter, Miley Cyrus. They kept in touch, later becoming musical collaborators, and got engaged in August 2022, marrying on October 10, 2023, in Franklin, Tennessee.

This divorce will be Cyrus’s third. He was previously married to Tish Cyrus from 1993 to 2022 and Cindy Smith from 1986 to 1991. Billy Ray and Tish share three children—Miley, Braison, and Noah—and he also adopted Tish’s children from a previous relationship, Brandi and Trace. Tish has since remarried actor Dominic Purcell.