Former ‘Today’ Show Anchor Katie Couric, 67, Becomes First-Time Grandma — Details

Katie Couric, the esteemed journalist and former “Today” host, has embarked on a new and profoundly rewarding chapter of her life: grandmotherhood. Couric chose Instagram as the platform to share the heartwarming news, unveiling a collection of touching photographs capturing the joyous occasion.

The initial image depicted Couric’s daughter, Ellie Monahan, and her husband, Mark Dobrosky, emanating pure happiness in the hospital setting.

Monahan, enveloped in the radiant glow of new motherhood, cradled her newborn son tenderly while reclining on the hospital bed.

Another snapshot within the series showcased Couric’s grandson, snugly wrapped in a classic white blanket adorned with soft blue and pink stripes.

The series culminated with a playful moment captured between Couric and her grandson, mirroring his wide-eyed expression of wonder.

In her accompanying caption, Couric announced the arrival of the newest family member, John Albert Dobrosky, born on March 23, 2024, at 8:23 in the morning. The affectionate nickname “Jay” was bestowed upon the newborn as a tribute to his maternal grandfather.

Couric further revealed, “Albert is after Mark’s paternal grandfather. Mom and Dad (Ellie and Mark) are over the moon (it was a full moon) I am thrilled to have my first grandchild, […] We feel so blessed.”

Additionally, Couric shared glimpses of her grandson’s tiny foot and a heartwarming photo featuring the newborn with his parents and the attending nurses in Providence, California, on her Instagram stories.

In December 2023, Katie Couric received news that would mark the beginning of a new and exhilarating journey. The former “Today” anchor documented the heartwarming moment in a touching video capturing her daughter’s pregnancy reveal.

The shared video depicted Couric and her daughter outdoors, engaged in a bonding moment when Couric was presented with a special friendship bracelet, reminiscent of those exchanged at Taylor Swift concerts.

However, this bracelet held a unique message— “Granny To Be”—initially unbeknownst to Couric. As the realization dawned upon her, her expression transitioned from surprise to sheer joy, culminating in a tender embrace with her daughter.

Reflecting on this memorable revelation, Couric shared her sentiments in an Instagram caption, recounting the special moment and expressing her excitement at becoming a grandmother.

Since the announcement, Couric has embraced the journey with enthusiasm, documenting key moments leading up to her daughter’s due date on social media.

From Monahan’s baby shower, filled with love and anticipation, to poignant mother-daughter moments, Couric has shared the journey with her followers, celebrating the profound love and hope inherent in welcoming a new life into the world.

In one photograph, Couric exuded sophistication in a light cream pantsuit, standing beside Monahan, who radiated happiness in a striking bright green off-shoulder dress. The soon-to-be grandmother lovingly placed her hand on Monahan’s prominent baby bump, symbolizing the continuity of love and life.

The setting was adorned in pastel hues, with tables graced by exquisite flower arrangements serving as centerpieces.

Further enriching the narrative, Couric shared photographs with different guests, capturing the communal joy and support surrounding Monahan’s impending motherhood.

Couric’s daughter, Ellie Monahan, embarked on a new chapter in her life, marrying Dobrosky in July 2021. The bride’s mother then shared a glimpse of the wedding reception on social media, capturing the newlyweds looking up at the sky.

The wedding came two years after Monahan and Dobrosky were engaged in February 2019. Couric’s excitement was palpable as she shared the news with her followers, highlighting a particularly sentimental detail: her daughter’s wearing the very ring that her late husband had given her.

While recent years have brought wonderful news into Couric’s life, she also faced one of her biggest challenges in 2022: her battle with breast cancer. It was a journey she had initially kept private, revealing it to the world after months of reflection.

Couric expressed the difficulty of grappling with her illness, especially considering her daughters had already faced the loss of their father.

Through sharing her journey, she hoped to raise awareness about breast cancer and the importance of early detection, while navigating the personal challenges and fears that come with such a diagnosis.