From Actor to Director: Johnny Depp Completes Filming on ‘Modi’

Johnny Depp recently completed the production of his latest film, “Modi,” and shared the news on Instagram, expressing gratitude to his dedicated film team in Budapest, Hungary.

In a notable role reversal, Depp not only stars in “Modi” but also directs the film, marking his second directorial venture after “The Brave” in 1997.

The movie delves into the life of the renowned artist Amedeo Modigliani, portraying 48 crucial hours in the painter and sculptor’s life. Ryan McParland, a fellow actor in the film, commended Depp for his visionary approach and passion.

Expressing his honor in narrating Modigliani’s story, Depp highlighted the artist’s tale of adversity and triumph, a narrative that resonates universally.

This project follows Depp’s recent appearances at the Cannes Film Festival and the acquisition of North American distribution rights for his French film “Jeanne Du Barry.”

Despite legal challenges with ex-wife Amber Heard in the past, sources indicate that Depp has moved on and is content. Embracing his role as an artist, he is now able to focus on various aspects of his life that were overshadowed by legal troubles.