Matt Damon’s stark warning for Ben Affleck before he married J-Lo comes to light

When Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez rekindled their romance after nearly two decades, some fans hoped for a fairytale ending. However, reports suggest that others, including Affleck’s close friend Matt Damon, had their reservations.

According to insiders cited by the Daily Mail, Damon, who has been a steadfast friend to Affleck, advised him against reuniting with Lopez before their Las Vegas wedding in 2022.

These sources claim Damon is now deeply concerned about Affleck, fearing he might spiral out of control and relapse under the pressure of rumors about their troubled marriage.

The past few weeks have been challenging for supporters of the ‘Bennifer’ couple. Reports indicate that Affleck has moved out of their Beverly Hills home, which is now reportedly back on the market. Additionally, Lopez recently canceled her planned North American tour, stating she needed to focus on her family.

The couple has yet to release a statement addressing the divorce rumors, which only adds to the speculation about the state of their relationship.

Insiders suggest that Damon had foreseen potential issues. According to the Daily Mail, Damon, 53, advised Affleck to “focus on his work” and cautioned against reuniting with Lopez. One insider stated, “Matt tried to warn Ben when he got back together with JLo that this could happen. Matt helped Ben get it together after their first split and felt like this could happen again.”

Affleck reportedly values Damon’s opinion highly, especially given Damon’s long-standing and stable marriage to Luciana Barroso. Affleck and Damon have been close friends since childhood and famously launched their careers together by writing the Oscar-winning screenplay for Good Will Hunting.

As things between Affleck and Lopez started to deteriorate, Damon advised Affleck to prioritize his professional life. The insider added, “Ben spent so much time focusing on JLo’s projects just like he did the first time around. Matt told him, ‘What has she ever done for your career?’”