Tom Cruise’s Potential Departure from Scientology Amid Relationship Struggles with 17-Year-Old Suri

The Church of Scientology appears to be facing the potential departure of one of its prominent figures. Tom Cruise, who was previously hailed as one of the “chosen ones” by Scientology leaders, has not been spotted at the church’s headquarters for nearly three years, leading to speculation about his disassociation.

Known for his unwavering commitment to the controversial church, which prohibits interactions with non-members, the Mission: Impossible star made the choice to prioritize his beliefs over maintaining a relationship with his daughter Suri. Cruise has not seen Suri, now 17, since she was six years old.

Recent rumors suggest that Cruise might be considering renouncing his ties to the church in an effort to mend his strained relationship with Suri. A devoted advocate for Scientology since his conversion by then-wife Mimi Rogers in 1986, Cruise credited the church for his success, stating, “It’s something that has helped me incredibly in my life; I’ve been a Scientologist for over 30 years. It’s something, you know, without it, I wouldn’t be where I am. So, it’s a beautiful religion. I’m incredibly proud.”

The Church of Scientology, founded in the 1950s, holds controversial beliefs, including the assertion that billions of extraterrestrial beings were sent to Earth by Xenu, a galactic overlord, who later destroyed them with hydrogen bombs.

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The Church of Scientology holds the belief that after the extraterrestrial beings sent to Earth by Xenu were destroyed with hydrogen bombs, their souls attached themselves to chosen humans called “thetans,” who are expected to be saved from spiritual harm in the future.

Tom Cruise, known for his role in Jerry Maguire, serves as an ambassador for the church and is one of its most high-profile members, along with celebrities like John Travolta, Nancy Cartwright, and Elisabeth Moss. Cruise’s dedication to Scientology has been evident, even surpassing his commitment to his marriages.

In his relationship with Nicole Kidman, the church allegedly interfered, labeling Kidman as a “negative influence.” Kidman, who divorced Cruise in 2001 after a 10-year marriage, never embraced Scientology. Their adopted children, Connor and Isabella, both active members, are reportedly estranged from their mother due to the church’s rules, which label anyone leaving the faith as a “Suppressive Person.”

After Kidman, Cruise had a three-year relationship with Penelope Cruz that ended in 2004 when she refused to abandon her own religion. Cruise then famously declared his love for Katie Holmes on Oprah Winfrey’s show. The couple married in 2005, had a daughter named Suri in 2006, but Holmes blindsided Cruise with divorce papers in 2012.

Katie Holmes strategically planned her escape from Scientology, considering the powerful influence of the church and the potential consequences of leaving. As part of her plan, Holmes fired Isabella, who was close to her, from her position at the label Holmes and Yang only two months before filing for divorce from Tom Cruise.

According to Karen De La Carriere, a former church member, Holmes “ambushed Tom Cruise” and outwitted some of the most controlling people on Earth. By seeking sole custody of Suri, Holmes made it clear that she wouldn’t allow a situation similar to Nicole Kidman’s to happen to her.

An anonymous source revealed that there was no trouble between Holmes and Isabella, who called Katie “Mom.” Isabella’s abrupt firing made sense once Holmes filed for divorce. The move was seen as a carefully planned ambush, with Holmes not wanting Isabella to work for her anymore because she was Tom’s child.

Holmes, awarded full custody of Suri, returned to her Catholic faith and raised her daughter in the same faith. When questioned about whether Holmes left Scientology to protect Suri from it, Cruise initially found the question offensive but later admitted it was one of the assertions made.

Suri Cruise, now 17, has not seen her father, Tom Cruise, since 2013. Cruise, who is not involved in Suri’s life, reportedly does not know his talented daughter. In 2022, Suri showcased her singing skills by performing “Blue Moon,” a song from the rom-com “Alone Together,” a film directed by her mother, Katie Holmes.

Suri is currently in the process of applying to colleges, with a preference for fashion or music in New York City, where she can be close to her mother. Despite the lack of contact, Tom Cruise is expected to cover her tuition costs, as per their confidential divorce agreement.

Recent reports suggest a potential change in the relationship between Cruise and his daughter, with rumors circulating that Cruise is considering leaving the Church of Scientology. Over the past three years, while filming in the UK, Cruise has reportedly refused to visit the church’s headquarters. Although Cruise has not confirmed or denied these rumors, fans are expressing hope that he might reconnect with Suri.

One fan writes, “It’s about time!!” Another fan expresses, “Bout time! Hope you can get her back in your life.”

The potential decision by Tom Cruise to leave Scientology raises concerns about breaking ties with his two older children, Connor and Isabella, who are loyal followers. Both children were adopted during Cruise’s previous marriages. Isabella, in particular, currently holds a significant position within the church.

Leaving Scientology is expected to be a challenging process for Cruise, given his prominent role and the church’s strong influence over its members. Leah Remini, a former Scientologist, has mentioned that Cruise is considered a deity within the church, with followers being told that he is single-handedly saving the world. The impact on Cruise’s relationship with his children and the complexities of leaving the church add a layer of difficulty to any potential departure.

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It’s worth noting that the Church of Scientology has a building in central London, and it’s possible that Tom Cruise may have been attending that branch instead of the headquarters in West Sussex. Scientology’s beliefs, with references to a galactic overlord and alien spirits, may sound like elements from science fiction.

While personal beliefs are a matter of individual choice, there is hope that Tom Cruise can find his way back to a more meaningful connection with his daughter, Suri. Growing up without regular contact with her father may have posed challenges for Suri, but she appears to have a strong and supportive mother in Katie Holmes.

The discussion invites opinions on Cruise’s loyalty to Scientology and whether it impacts one’s perception of him. It’s a complex and personal matter, and individuals may hold varying views on the intersection of personal beliefs and public figures.