What Could Have Been: AI’s Interpretation of Priscilla Presley Without Plastic Surgery

Priscilla Presley, renowned not just as Elvis Presley’s wife but also as a Hollywood beauty and accomplished actress, has had a transformative journey through the years. Her marriage to one of the most famous men in the world and her notable screen credits elevated her to the status of an influential public figure. Admired for her beauty, Priscilla’s evolution has been witnessed by her devoted fans.

Priscilla Presley at the premiere of “Mad Max” in Los Angeles in 2015 | Source: Getty Images

In 2008, Priscilla ventured into “Dancing with the Stars,” adding to her list of accomplishments. However, her transformation has had its share of challenges. She became a victim of silicone injections by an unlicensed doctor, Dr. Daniel Serrano from Argentina, causing trauma not only to Priscilla but also to other Hollywood stars, including Diane, Lionel Richie’s ex-wife.

Priscilla Presley presenting at the Texas Film Awards in 2014 | Source: Getty Images

Serrano claimed his procedure was superior to Botox, but investigations revealed he used an industrial low-grade silicone, resulting in facial complications. After serving an 18-month prison sentence for drug smuggling, he was deported. Despite this traumatic experience, Priscilla underwent corrective surgery in 2008 and has undergone various transformations since.

Priscilla Presley at the The Humane Society Of The United States in 2016 | Source: Getty Images

Initially known for her blonde, bouncy hair, Priscilla later embraced a deep red hair color, always making bold fashion statements. Over the years, she maintained her signature style, enhancing her deep red hair with simple makeup, accentuated eyebrows, and a pop of color on the lips.

Priscilla Presley photographed London in 2017 | Source: Getty Images

Given Priscilla’s unfortunate experience with plastic surgery, AI-generated images speculate on her natural aging process. Older versions of her show a continuation of her distinctive features, with subtle changes in hair color and the addition of natural wrinkles.

How Priscilla Presley would have looked according to an AI-generated image | Source: Midjourney

How Priscilla Presley would have looked according to an AI-generated image | Source: Midjourney

Priscilla’s life took a significant turn after divorcing Elvis Presley. They married in 1967, had a daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, and divorced in 1973, four years after Elvis’s death. Priscilla later had a son, Navarone Garibaldi, with ex-boyfriend Marco Garibaldi, and became a grandmother to her daughter’s four children.

Elvis Presley and Priscilla with their daughter Lisa Marie in Memphis, Tennessee in 1968 | Source: Getty Images

In Hollywood, Priscilla starred in “Dallas” and featured in about 140 episodes of “The Naked Gun.” She co-produced a Netflix animation, “Agent King,” in 2022, contributing to her legacy. Beyond her professional achievements, Priscilla has worked to keep Elvis’s memory alive, participating in events such as his 75th birthday celebration in 2010.

Priscilla Presley and Lisa Marie Presley in Las Vegas in 2015 | Source: Getty Images

While excelling in her business pursuits, Priscilla embraces her role as a grandmother, offering and receiving life advice with her grandchildren. Beyond her association with Elvis, Priscilla has established herself as a respected name in Hollywood, playing a crucial role in preserving the Presley legacy.