7 Trending News This Week: Demi Moore’s Alarming Legs, Suri Cruise Graduates, Michael J Fox’s Daughter Weds, & More

This week’s headlines have everyone talking! Demi Moore’s legs spark a frenzy, Eddie Murphy’s daughters dazzle, and Tom Cruise and Michael J. Fox’s contrasting responses to their daughters’ milestones captivate. Plus, Princess Anne’s hospitalization and other royal stories fuel lively discussions.

Why Was Tom Cruise Absent from Suri Cruise’s High School Graduation?

Suri Cruise celebrated a major milestone on Friday by graduating from LaGuardia High School. The daughter of Hollywood icons Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes received her diploma with her mother proudly by her side. However, her famous father was notably absent, choosing to attend Taylor Swift’s Eras tour in London instead. Despite his absence, Suri radiated happiness, capturing precious moments with her mom and friends, and sharing heartfelt hugs with fellow graduates.

Suri and Katie posed for photos against a charming brick building backdrop. The 18-year-old graduate looked stunning in a white dress and matching sandals under her graduation gown, her brunette hair cascading over her shoulders. Katie, ever the style icon, opted for cream-pleated pants, a collared long-sleeve shirt, and elegant grey sandals. While Suri basked in her mother’s support, her dad’s absence stirred mixed reactions online.

Outraged fans expressed their disappointment, with one exclaiming, “Shame on her father!” Another added, “I can’t believe her father didn’t come to her graduation!” Criticisms continued to pour in, with comments like, “While dad is partying with Taylor Swift in London. Some fathers,” and “No dad in sight?” The disbelief was palpable, with one user writing, “I’m in disbelief.”

Amid the backlash, some supporters praised Suri’s decision to drop her father’s name, with one noting, “From now on, call her by her chosen name.” Another offered Tom pointed advice, writing, “Tom should feel bad for missing this special moment. Own flesh and blood. Being famous is not an excuse. Bless Suri in college.”

The day after Suri’s graduation, her father was all smiles at Wembley Stadium in London, enjoying Taylor Swift’s concert. He looked sharp in a white T-shirt, dark jeans, and a black jacket, sharing the spotlight with A-listers like British actor Hugh Grant.

How Did Eddie Murphy’s Daughters Shine on the Red Carpet?

Eddie Murphy is one proud father! His recent appearance with three of his ten children showcased the close-knit bond he shares with his family. The celebrated star received unwavering support from his family at the premiere of “Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F.”

The movie, set to hit theaters on July 3, 2024, had its premiere at the Wallis Annenberg Center in Beverly Hills. Eddie, his fiancée Paige, and his daughters turned heads with their elegant outfits. Eddie, sporting a sleek all-black ensemble and dark sunglasses, posed alongside Paige, who was stunning in a fitted red midi strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline, paired with black strappy heels.

The couple also posed with his daughters, Bria, Shayne, and Bella, who looked stylish in their own right. Bria and Shayne wore matching green outfits, while Bella complemented her father’s all-black look. Family photos sparked a flurry of comments from fans. One admirer gushed, “His fiancée is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. So stunning!!!” Another fan, noticing a striking resemblance between Eddie and one of his daughters, commented, “The one in the short dress looks just like him!”

Some fans even mistook Paige for his daughter, with one writing, “The daughter in the red dress is just stunning.” Another expressed disbelief at Eddie’s grown-up children, saying, “Are those his daughters? What a stunning family.” Admirers continued to shower praise, leaving comments like “Beautiful Ladies. Family[sic],” “Beautiful family,” and “His daughters are gorgeous!” One fan perfectly captured the sentiment with, “Daddy’s Girls.”

The event was a dual celebration of Eddie’s latest cinematic venture and a testament to the strong bond he shares with his family. Eddie’s daughter Bria and her husband, Michael Xavier, both have roles in the “Beverly Hills Cop” sequel. During an appearance on “Today,” Eddie shared scenes where Bria appears. “She’s the one that arrested me. And in the other scene when I get arrested in the movie, that’s my son-in-law tasing me in the neck,” he said.

Eddie and his character Axel Foley are practically synonymous, though it’s been three decades since he last donned the Detroit Lions jacket in “Beverly Hills Cop III.” Reflecting on his return to the role, Eddie quipped, “It felt like old man,” he said. “I did ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ when I was 21. And I’m 63 now.”

Why Is Princess Anne Hospitalized?

Queen Elizabeth’s daughter, Princess Anne, was rushed to Southmead Hospital in Bristol following an accident at her Gatcombe Park estate in Gloucestershire. Despite the scare, the Royal Family remains hopeful about her recovery. Buckingham Palace confirmed the news, stating that the 73-year-old royal sustained minor injuries and a concussion. “The Princess Royal has sustained minor injuries and concussion following an incident on the Gatcombe Park estate yesterday evening. Her Royal Highness remains in Southmead Hospital, Bristol, as a precautionary measure for observation,” the Palace detailed.

“She is expected to make a full and swift recovery,” the statement further reassured. The nature of the incident remains undisclosed, but it’s known that Princess Anne is an avid equestrian, a passion that involves risks. Sources suggest her injury might be related to an impact from a horse’s head or legs. The Royal Family, including King Charles, who has been kept closely informed, have expressed their love and well-wishes for her speedy recovery.

The incident occurred on her estate while she was near horses. At the time, her husband and children, Zara and Peter, were present. Her husband accompanied her to the hospital following the accident. Consequently, her planned visit to Canada has been postponed to allow her to focus on healing. Princess Anne, often hailed as one of the most hardworking royals, has an impressive record of public service and numerous engagements.

What Did Princess Anne’s Husband Do That Caused Worry?

Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence, Princess Anne’s supportive spouse, was seen visiting her at the hospital on June 25. Princess Anne has been recovering at Southmead Hospital after being hospitalized on June 23. Pictures and a video of Timothy prompted questions from the public.

A video posted to X by ITV News Royal Editor, Chris Ship, shows Timothy arriving at Southmead Hospital in a sleek black Land Rover. He got out of the driver’s side, collected his black blazer from the backseat, and put it on. He then retrieved a sizeable blue bag before shutting the car door.

The admiral returned to the front seat to do something else while a security escort stood by and shut the door for him.

Carrying the bag, Timothy walked through the hospital’s entrance doors. Chris Ship explained, “NEW: Princess Anne’s husband Sir Timothy Laurence has been filmed at the main entrance of her hospital.” He continued, “He was visiting at lunchtime today carrying a cool bag for his wife. The King’s sister has been in hospital since her concussion – thought to be from a horse kick or head – on Sunday evening.”

Images Shared Online Spark Discussion About Timothy Laurence’s Hospital Visit

Timothy Laurence, Princess Anne’s husband, was photographed leaving the hospital after visiting his wife. While his gesture of checking on her was heartwarming, some found the situation peculiar. One person on X commented, “What? A real visit? That’s not royal behavior.”

Another observer, skeptical of the Royal Family’s actions, suggested, “Secrecy as always. One never knows what really goes on with them.” Despite the speculation, several messages of support for the couple and well-wishes for Princess Anne emerged.

“Anne’s rock, Tim’s bringing her lunch,” praised one fan, interpreting the situation as simply Timothy enjoying a meal with his wife. Another supporter added, “Oh no! Praying she gets well soon!”

Echoing earlier sentiments, another user pondered, “I thought it was against protocol for royals to visit each other at the hospital?” Timothy’s visit to Princess Anne has puzzled many, as royal family members typically do not make such visits unless the situation is exceptional.

In 2019, royal commentator Victoria Arbiter addressed this topic on X. She explained the protocol for royal hospital visits, prompted by criticism of the late Queen Elizabeth II for not visiting Prince Philip when he was hospitalized. Victoria stated, “Were the Queen to visit him, the security requirements alone would be incredibly disruptive. Conscious of other patients undergoing treatment, they don’t want to cause undue stress for them or their families. Not only are they very private about medical issues, but they also want to avoid further speculation.”

What Special Royal Titles Did Prince Harry & Meghan Receive for Their Depicted Portraits?

Artist Dan Llywelyn Hall, known for being the youngest to paint Queen Elizabeth II, has created a series of pieces featuring Harry and Meghan as historical royals. Meghan is depicted as Dame Elizabeth Grey, Queen of England after marrying Edward IV in 1464, and Harry as Charles Edward Stuart, known as Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Dan saw an irony in casting Meghan as the White Queen, considering her influential outsider role in the royal family, which he believed was not entirely unrealistic. The painting of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex has sparked significant interest online, with mixed reactions from royal fans.

One fan disapproved, writing, “Whatever the artist’s intention with this, it is a horrid depiction of her.” Another echoed this, questioning, “That is supposed to be Markle? Looks nothing like any of her faces!” Others argued that Meghan did not deserve to be portrayed as Elizabeth, stating, “It’s an insult to Elizabeth Woodville. Edward chose her for her personal qualities & this caused the scandal.”

Comments continued with one fan speculating about Meghan’s reaction, writing, “Oh, I don’t think she’ll be happy with the portrait.” Others were dissatisfied, saying, “Doesn’t look anything like her,” and “Not flattering at all.” Another user wrote, “I thought H had been painted as van Gogh.” Some noted, “They have always been royal.” A particularly harsh reaction read, “Goodness, they look rough. A real insult.”

Born in Cardiff in 1980, Dan Llywelyn Hall is known for his vivid paintings that combine insight and emotional force in figurative art. His work has been widely exhibited throughout the UK.

Where and When Did Michael J. Fox’s Twin Daughter Get Married?

Congratulations to Schuyler Fox, the twin daughter of Hollywood icon Michael J. Fox, who married her longtime partner on June 22. The enchanting wedding took place in the Catskill Mountains in New York, resembling a fairytale setting. The day was extra special as it coincided with Schuyler’s mother’s 64th birthday.

The venue, Hayfield Catskills, exuded both luxury and rustic charm, providing the perfect setting for Schuyler’s “I do.” Described on the venue’s website as a “breathtaking mountain valley cradling two majestic barns,” wedding guests enjoyed an unmatched experience.

An onlooker described the event, saying, “They dined under a tent, and it really looked like a picture-perfect garden party. They seemed like such an adorable, gentle family.” The weather was perfect despite a heat wave, enhancing the event’s charm.

Guests, including Jennifer Grey, Ali Wentworth, and George Stephanopoulos, stayed at the rustic and cozy Bluebird Hunter Lodge, which also hosted pre-wedding events. Others stayed at Scribner’s Catskill Lodge, known for hosting Tinseltown’s biggest stars.

Activities for guests ranged from visiting nearby spas, golfing, zip-lining, fly-fishing, to discovering secret swimming holes, hiking, and browsing farm stands or antique stores. The outdoor vibe of Hayfield was complemented by roasting marshmallows and sipping local bourbon by a fire.

Though no pictures of Schuyler’s actual wedding are available yet, the venue’s Instagram photos paint a stunning picture of what the 29-year-old’s big day might have looked like.

What Happened to Demi Moore’s Legs That Sparked Deep Concern?

Demi Moore turned heads at the Dior Homme Menswear Spring/Summer 2025 show during Paris Fashion Week on June 21, 2024. Her bold fashion choice drew a mix of admiration and concern online.

Demi shared photos and a video on Instagram, showing her arrival at the event with her dog in her arms. In the video, her daughter, Scout LaRue Willis, and stylist Brad Goreski walked behind her. Demi wore an oversized blazer and matching loose shorts, highlighting her slender legs, paired with white gladiator-styled sandals.

Demi finished her look with dark sunglasses and posed for pictures with Scout, who wore an oversized button-down shirt in purple and grey print, a sleeveless jacket, black loafers, and high white socks. At the event, Demi sat next to actor Michael Ward, who looked sharp in a yellow jacket, light grey sweater and pants, and brown shoes.

However, her look sparked reactions online. One concerned comment read, “She’s not looking good, so thin.” Another noted, “My God, her legs are so thin.” A third speculated about her possible use of Ozempic, “Demi’s body type is naturally beautiful like when she was in GI Jane or Ghost. Ozempic does this…muscle wasting…not healthy goals especially when we are 60+. Need strong muscles and bone density.”

In contrast, her fans expressed admiration. “So cute, and so young,” one supporter gushed, while another exclaimed, “How awesome you are! I’m in awe of you!” A final commenter added, “Can she be any prettier?” with a heart emoji.

A more balanced view came from a commenter who wrote, “She looks fabulous but gone so thin, maybe the worry of Bruce,” hinting at the emotional toll of her ex-husband Bruce Willis’s well-documented health issues.

Friday’s Digest Recap

This week’s highlights include Eddie Murphy’s radiant daughters and Demi Moore’s Parisian allure, contrasted by Tom Cruise’s absence at his daughter’s graduation and Michael J. Fox’s daughter’s joyful wedding. Princess Anne’s hospitalization and Harry and Meghan’s bold royal portraits added a royal twist, showcasing the fascinating blend of strength and vulnerability in the spotlight. Stay tuned for more captivating stories!