76-year-old grandmother ripped apart in comments after modeling sleeveless dress on social media

Sometimes, it’s best to keep our opinions to ourselves, a lesson that was recently highlighted when a 76-year-old style influencer shared a photo of herself modeling a sleeveless midi dress.

While the post garnered plenty of comments, not all of them were positive.

Candace Cima, the grandmother of 11 grandchildren, showcased a brown knit sleeveless dress paired with a sweater.

While many praised her stylish choice, others took the opportunity to criticize her appearance.

Among the negative comments, one person wrote on Facebook, “From the side and back, this dress does nothing for you. Form-fitting below the waist is not your friend. Celebrate everything else about your body! “ Another commented, “The sweater on, not a fan of the dress.”

Despite the criticism, Cima stood firm in her confidence, asserting, “It’s perfectly appropriate to have wrinkled skin at 76, and I’m not ashamed of it.”

She also highlighted the need to challenge outdated notions about age-appropriate fashion, emphasizing the importance of embracing one’s individuality and rejecting societal expectations.

Having started her fashion blog in 2019 to address the lack of representation for older women in the industry, Cima is dedicated to empowering women to embrace their age and dress confidently.

She believes that aging should be celebrated and encourages her followers, both young and old, to embrace their wisdom and experience.

In the face of negativity, Cima remains undeterred, offering words of encouragement to her audience: “Aging is great. Everything you have learned your entire life is now there for you. You are now the wisest that you are ever going to be. Embrace it and be proud.”