Abigail Hawk opens up about her stellar relationship with Tom Selleck and confirms heartwarming detail

Across nearly six decades, Tom Selleck has remained a Hollywood icon, influencing younger generations of stars. Abigail Hawk, who works alongside Selleck on Blue Bloods, refers to him as a “champion” and praises his brilliance both on and off screen.

Abigail Hawk, at the age of 28, secured a significant role in the TV series Blue Bloods, alongside Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, and Jennifer Esposito.

The show revolves around a fictional NYPD commissioner, Frank Reagan, portrayed by the 78-year-old Selleck, who Hawk calls a “champion.”

Starring as Detective Abigail Baker, Hawk appreciates Selleck’s efforts to make her feel comfortable, despite being less experienced than her co-stars.

Selleck even played a role in shaping her character by giving her a full identity, including the name Abigail.

Now in her 13th year on the show, Hawk credits Selleck for providing her character with life. She acknowledges that he considered it important for her to have a last name and a fully-fledged identity on the show.

Hawk, much like her character, follows a schedule set by Selleck. Blue Bloods requires actors to be in New York for filming, which can be demanding, but Selleck, with 59 years of experience, manages to balance work and family life effectively. Hawk appreciates this schedule, calling it “the best gig in the world.”

In addition to admiring Selleck’s time management skills, Hawk praises him for being a champion of women in the industry. Selleck showed support for Hawk during her absence after having a baby boy, even rewriting a scene around the delivery of her son. Hawk, in turn, offered similar support to cast member Jessica Pimentel.

Expressing her admiration for Pimentel on Instagram, Hawk describes her as bold, unapologetic, kind, powerful, balanced, nuanced, talented, versatile, and full of surprises. Hawk remains in awe of Pimentel’s work ethic and dedication.

The camaraderie and support within the Blue Bloods cast contribute to a positive and inspiring working environment.

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