Ageless Icon: Dick Van Dyke, 98, Makes a Triumphant Return to Acting on ‘Days of Our Lives.

Even at 98 years old, Dick Van Dyke continues to grace the screen with his acting prowess!

The comedy legend, who recently made an appearance on The Masked Singer, is slated to feature in an episode of Days of Our Lives. However, this role will have a unique twist compared to his previous characters – this time, he’ll portray an older man grappling with amnesia.

“I have played old men before, but comedy old men. First time I ever just played my 98-year-old self,” Van Dyke shared with Access Hollywood.

The veteran actor revealed that the opportunity arose when he approached Drake Hogestyn, who plays John Black on the soap opera, at the gym. “Drake and I went to the same gym together. I used to kid him, ‘Say, don’t you ever have any parts for old people? Come on, give me a part!’ And he took me seriously. He got me a part.”

To prepare for the role, Van Dyke delved into several episodes of the 58-season series to familiarize himself with the show’s dynamics. Industry friends, including Carol Burnett, offered valuable advice for his soap opera stint.

“Make sure you know all your lines because they don’t do retakes,” Burnett advised Van Dyke in a recorded message, drawing from her own experience with a recurring role on All My Children in the ’80s.

Van Dyke, set to appear alongside Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn, is making his soap opera debut this fall, and fans eagerly anticipate witnessing how the beloved actor handles the unique challenges of this new role.

For devoted Dick Van Dyke enthusiasts, the prospect of seeing him on a soap opera is undoubtedly thrilling! Feel free to share if you’re a big fan of Dick Van Dyke!