Amal Clooney labeled ‘ugly’ and blasted for skinny legs — George’s response is perfect

Despite facing harsh criticisms from some fans, George Clooney continues to express admiration for his wife, Amal Clooney – the enchanting and remarkable woman who captured his heart and ended his bachelor days.

“Everything about my wife is sort of magical, as I think everybody has come to realize as they see her and hear her and hear what she stands for,” remarked the seasoned actor and filmmaker during an interview with Entertainment Tonight in 2022. “There’s just not a downside to her.”

George Clooney, known for his versatile roles in television and film, has had a prolific career. From his early days as a young handyman in the popular sitcom The Facts of Life (1979-1988) to more recent roles in TV’s ER and leading parts in movies like O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000), Ocean’s Eleven (2001), and Ticket to Paradise (2022).

In 2013, he encountered Amal Alamuddin, a stunning Lebanese-British human rights lawyer, marking a significant turning point in his life.

Within a mere six months of their first date, their love story progressed to a proposal in 2014. Recalling the moment, the 61-year-old Clooney humorously shared, “Literally, I dropped it on her, and she just kept saying, ‘Oh, my God,’ and ‘Wow!’ We just sat there, and finally I said, ‘Listen, I’m 52, and I’ve been on my knee now for about 28 minutes, so I have to get an answer out of this or I’m going to throw a hip out. I might not be able to stand back up!”

In September 2014, the couple exchanged vows at the opulent Aman Canal Grande hotel in Venice, Italy, with a guest list featuring celebrities like Bono, Matt Damon, and Bill Murray.

Amal, thrust into the public eye from the moment she started dating Clooney, became a target for online trolls’ unfiltered critiques.

At 45 years old, Amal is an internationally renowned lawyer whose clients include WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and Yulia Tymoshenko, the former prime minister of Ukraine advocating for her country’s integration into the European Union. In 2019, she also represented the United Nations.