Andra Day Sparks Internet Buzz with Powerful Rendition of the ‘Black National Anthem’ at Super Bowl

While opinions on Reba’s national anthem rendition at the Super Bowl varied, a similar divide emerged among Super Bowl fans regarding Andra Day’s performance of “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” commonly known as the Black national anthem.

This marked the fourth occasion that the Black national anthem was included in Super Bowl pregame festivities. Originating in 1900, the song carries a profound message, encapsulating both solemnity and hope for the liberty of Black Americans. Adopted by the NAACP, it became a prominent rallying cry during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s.

Leading up to Day’s performance, there were various comments circulating on the internet, but the intensity of reactions significantly increased after her rendition. Some criticized the inclusion of a “Black national anthem,” emphasizing the importance of unity under the existing national anthem. Representative Mike Loychik, a Republican lawmaker, expressed his disapproval, stating, “There’s no such thing as a black national anthem. We are all AMERICANS, united by our great and beautiful Star-Spangled Banner. The Super Bowl is supposed to bring us together. It’s a disgrace that the NFL decided to push the politics of racial division again.”

Megyn Kelly echoed this sentiment, tweeting, “The so-called Black National Anthem does not belong at the Super Bowl. We already have a National Anthem and it includes EVERYONE.” Some argued that a separate anthem could contribute to division rather than unity, emphasizing the importance of a shared national identity.

Critics also pointed out a perceived lack of enthusiasm from the crowd during the performance. These varied opinions sparked a significant online debate, reflecting the ongoing discussions around the inclusion of the Black national anthem in major events.