At 79, Tom Selleck labeled ‘Sexiest Man Ever’ by fans after posing at his ranch in rare photoshoot

Even as he approaches his eightieth year, the renowned Hollywood heartthrob maintains his captivating charm and rugged allure.

In a recent interview with PEOPLE Magazine, the iconic actor reflected on his illustrious four-decade-long career in the industry, prompting excitement among fans with accompanying images from a rare photoshoot at his ranch.

According to reports, Selleck is set to release a new memoir titled “You Never Know” on May 4, 2024, where he describes his journey into acting as “accidental.”

Anticipation is high among fans eager to delve into the pages of his memoir upon its release.

Tom Selleck undoubtedly has much to be proud of in his extensive film and TV career. From solidifying his legacy on “Magnum P.I.” to earning praise for his recent work on “Blue Bloods,” which is now in its final season, Selleck continues to captivate audiences with his performances. While “Blue Bloods” may be concluding, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Selleck showcase his talents elsewhere in the coming years.

Despite being 79 years old, Selleck’s timeless appearance suggests he could easily pass for a decade younger.

During his interview with PEOPLE Magazine at his 63-acre ranch in Ventura County, California, Selleck revealed that his entry into acting was simply driven by a desire “to get a job.”

Throughout his illustrious career that began in the 1960s, Selleck’s enduring star power and undeniable charm have attracted new admirers, showcasing his timeless appeal. His famous good looks, appreciated by admirers worldwide for decades, seem impervious to the passage of time. Following his recent interview, new images of Selleck surfaced online, sparking predictable reactions from fans.

In response to the images, fans flooded social media with comments praising Selleck’s enduring attractiveness and iconic status, reinforcing his reputation as one of Hollywood’s most admired leading men.

While some fans expressed concern last year over Selleck’s changed appearance, noting his departure from his signature mustache and adoption of a full beard, recent images reaffirm his status as a timeless symbol of masculinity.