Baby Louetta bears a striking resemblance to Grandpa Bruce

Rumer Willis shared a sweet detail about her six-month-old daughter, Louetta, who was born in April. The little one bears a special resemblance to her famous grandfather, Bruce Willis, especially in certain moments.

Rumer explained to People that she sees her father in her baby when Louetta gives a stern look. The resemblance between grandfather and granddaughter is also evident in a mischievous side smile, coupled with a playful sparkle in the eyes, often noticed by Rumer. She describes it as the same smile that Bruce often had in his role as Detective David Addison in the 1980s series “Moonlighting.”

During the premiere of the musical “Love Indeed Live,” Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s first-born daughter also spoke to People about the upcoming first Christmas with her family and daughter Louetta. The entire family is excited and can’t wait to share the Christmas spirit with the newest family member. Rumer believes that Christmas with a child in the family is the best, especially considering her father’s struggle with dementia, making it a touching Christmas celebration with the family.