Cameron Diaz doesn’t worry about how she looks anymore since she left Hollywood.

When Cameron Diaz bid farewell to Hollywood, she didn’t just exit the film industry. She also shed the concern over meeting people’s expectations of her appearance, a challenge many women, especially those in the spotlight, face.

During an interview on Michelle Visage’s Rule Breakers podcast on the BBC, Cameron discussed her newfound outlook on beauty standards and skincare. She now opts for a more relaxed lifestyle.

Cameron revealed how stepping away from acting after marrying Benji Madden helped her break free from the pressures of Hollywood.

The former Charlie’s Angels star confessed to feeling constantly scrutinized by society for her looks, particularly due to her high-profile life.

“I’ve definitely felt the impact of society’s judgments and expectations of women,” Cameron admitted, acknowledging her role in perpetuating these standards.

At 51, Cameron has significantly reduced her use of beauty products. They merely gather dust on her shelves, illustrating her departure from Hollywood’s stringent beauty regimens.

“It’s challenging. It’s difficult not to compare oneself to societal beauty standards. But over the past eight years, I’ve undergone a significant transformation. I feel liberated, like a wild animal,” Cameron shared with Michelle regarding her evolved perspective on beauty.

As a mother, Cameron favors a natural and low-maintenance approach to skincare. She prefers not to devote excessive time to her appearance.

“Honestly, I couldn’t care less. I hardly ever think about my looks. It’s probably the least of my concerns each day. I don’t even bother washing my face,” Cameron candidly admitted to Michelle.

Occasionally, Cameron reverts to her old habits and uses various creams and lotions, but it’s rare. She quipped, “I’ll think, ‘Oh, I should probably apply this. Once should suffice, right? Is that all I have to do?’ I simply lack the energy for it now.”

By minimizing her preoccupation with her appearance, Cameron can prioritize more meaningful aspects of life, such as caring for her daughter, Raddix, born in January 2020.

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