Cher is a widely recognized figure, often linked to her tumultuous relationship with Sonny Bono, and their child, Chaz Bono, born on March 4, 1969. Chaz, initially known as Chastity Bono, gained quick fame due to his famous parents, making regular appearances on TV.

Bono derived his name from the movie “Chastity,” produced by Sonny, where Cher portrayed a young bisexual hippie runaway. Chastity Bono, their child, was conceived during the film’s production.

Despite Chaz’s television presence on “The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour,” he faced challenges at home and school, feeling out of place among girls his age.

In an interview, he expressed not understanding the fascination of other girls with fashion and boys.

At 18, Chaz came out to his parents as a lesbian, realizing he was gay at 13. Cher, later a strong LGBTQ community supporter, initially struggled when her daughter came out. Chaz mentioned his mom’s upset reaction to his revelation.

At 39, Chaz began his transition to becoming a man, surprising Cher once again. Cher expressed concerns about losing the child she loved and the fear of the unknown during Chaz’s transition.

Chaz officially became a man in 2010, with a California court approving his gender and name change. The documentary “Becoming Chaz,” premiered in 2011, provided insights into Chaz’s journey.

Cher went through a mourning period during Chaz’s transition, as shown in the documentary. Cher expressed distress upon hearing Chaz’s changed voice, altered by hormone drugs.

After the documentary, Chaz increased his Hollywood presence. In 2011, he made history on “Dancing with the Stars” as the first transgender man on a major TV show unrelated to transgender themes, as reported by

Five years later, Chaz appeared in “American Horror Story: Roanoke” and played Reverend Rydale on “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

For a long time, Chaz struggled with being overweight but embarked on a healthier lifestyle during his gender transition.

Chaz joined “Dancing With The Stars” weighing 250 pounds, but with practice, he started losing weight quickly. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, he continued losing weight, and recent pictures showcase his positive transformation from a decade ago.

Cher praised her son’s courage and journey toward a healthier lifestyle, acknowledging his independent efforts in losing 85-90 pounds.

Chaz’s inspiring journey, marked by positivity and happiness, serves as a source of inspiration for others. Cher hopes that by sharing this article, others may find encouragement in Chaz’s story.