Chuck Norris Pays Tribute to Mother on Her 102nd Birthday – Her Night Shift Sacrifice Lifted Family from Poverty

Celebrating his mom’s 102nd birthday on May 4, Chuck Norris shared a touching message expressing gratitude and admiration for the woman he believes is “so full of life that she might make it another 100 years!”

Chuck, who turned 83 in March, penned a heartfelt letter to his mom, Wilma, saying, “Mom, I don’t know what’s more difficult to believe: that you are 102 years old or that you have a son who is 83 years old! Regardless, I’m so grateful you are my mom. I always have been. We’ve been through thick and thin in this life, and we are still going strong.”

With her birthday approaching Mother’s Day, Chuck, the martial artist and actor, expressed overwhelming gratitude to God for the influence of three significant women in his life. These women include his granny Scarberry (Wilma’s mom), who lived until the age of 90, his mom Wilma, and his wife, Gina, whom he married in 1998. Chuck and Gina have twins, Dakota and Danilee, born in 2001.

Born in 1921, Wilma Norris Knight faced challenges during the Great Depression, living in poverty while raising her three boys as a single mother, with Chuck being the eldest.

Chuck, born Carlos Ray, attributes his character and the man he has become to his mom’s influence, prayers, and unwavering faith. Despite enduring hardships, including the deaths of two husbands, a stepson, two grandchildren, and Chuck’s younger brother Wieland in the Vietnam War, Wilma has displayed resilience. She has battled cancer multiple times and undergone approximately 30 surgeries for various health issues, yet she continues to persevere and share her remarkable life story.

Happy Birthday Mom! 101 years YOUNG! WOW! :)There are no words to describe how much I love and appreciate you. Thank you for everything you have done for us over the many years God has blessed us together.Posted by Chuck Norris on Wednesday, May 4, 2022

In May 2012, Wilma, affectionately still calling Chuck by his birth name Carlos, made an appearance on The Mike Huckabee Show, where she openly shared details of her life. When describing her sons, she referred to Chuck as the “defender,” Aaron as her “sunshine,” and Wieland, the youngest who tragically lost his life in Vietnam, as her “hero.”

After facing abandonment by her alcoholic husband, Wilma recounted the challenging times when Chuck was just 14, stating that he became the “man of the house.” He took on responsibilities such as babysitting his younger brothers while she worked the night shift and assisting with bill payments.

Despite the hardships, Wilma instilled strong values in her sons, emphasizing resilience and a fighting spirit. Chuck reflected on his mother’s teachings, noting that she made them believe in their ability to achieve things in life. She conveyed the message that despite inevitable obstacles, determination and self-belief could overcome any challenge.

Chuck Norris, born in 1940 and raised in a small town in Oklahoma, grew up immersed in the world of Hollywood legends like John Wayne, Roy Rogers, and Hopalong Cassidy. It comes as no surprise that he eventually became one of Hollywood’s greatest action stars.

Happy Mothers Day mom! We love and appreciate you.Posted by Chuck Norris on Sunday, May 13, 2018

After graduating high school in 1958, Chuck Norris served with the United States Air Force and was stationed at Osan Air Base in South Korea. Joining as an air policeman with plans to train as security police, his time in the Air Force marked a turning point in his life.

During his service in South Korea, Norris earned the nickname “Chuck” and developed his martial arts skills, achieving a black belt in Tang Soo Do, a form of Korean karate. Following his service, he was transferred to an air force base in Riverside County, California, where he continued as an air policeman until his discharge in 1962 with the rank of airman first class.

While waiting to become a police officer, Chuck opened a martial arts studio in Torrance, California. His success as a martial artist soared, winning his first title in 1968 and holding the Karate World Champion title for six years until his retirement in 1974.

During this period, Chuck Norris, training celebrities in martial arts, crossed paths with Bruce Lee, leading to his breakthrough role as Lee’s nemesis in the film “The Way of the Dragon” (1972). Subsequently, Norris achieved global success with lead roles in films like “Breaker! Breaker!” (1977) and “Good Guys Wear Black” (1978).

In 1990, Chuck, a grandfather of 13 and a father of five, learned about a daughter, Dina, born from an affair during his marriage to Dianne Kay Holechek (divorced in 1989). Despite initial reservations, Chuck and Dina had a heartfelt reunion, with Chuck expressing amazement at their connection.

Chuck’s deep admiration and love for his mother, Wilma, are evident in his achievements as an actor and family man. Wilma, visiting the set of “Walker, Texas Ranger,” praised her son as “the greatest that there is.” Chuck’s success and commitment to family reflect the values instilled by his mother.

As for Wilma’s advice on raising children, she emphasized the importance of giving them lots of love, taking them to church and Sunday school, acknowledging that God has entrusted parents with their children for a while.

We were blessed to celebrate Easter with my mom today. Love you mom! God bless, Chuck NorrisPosted by Chuck Norris on Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Mother’s Day to Wilma! We hope your son is right and that you have many years to celebrate!