Chuck Norris, ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ Icon, Shares Intimate Moment: ‘Saw Death’ in Wife’s Eyes

83-year-old Chuck Norris recently shared a rare photo featuring his wife of 25 years and their grown-up twins. The iconic “Walker, Texas Ranger” star decided to step back from his film career to care for his wife, Gena O’Kelley, during her health struggles. Currently, the couple enjoys a quiet life away from the limelight, residing with their children in a 4-bedroom ranch in Texas.

Chuck Norris, known for his martial arts expertise, made a successful transition to Hollywood in the 70s, becoming a prominent figure in the film industry during the 80s. His notable role as Ranger Cordell Walker in the TV series “Walker, Texas Ranger” (1993-2001) further solidified his legacy. Chuck has been married to Gena O’Kelley since 1998, and the couple welcomed twins, Dakota Allan Norris and Danilee Kelly Norris, on August 20, 2001.

While it remains uncertain if Dakota will follow in his father’s acting footsteps, he shares his father’s passion for martial arts. Chuck’s twin daughter, Danilee, prefers staying out of the spotlight but has also engaged in martial arts, earning a black belt.

In a rare glimpse into his family life, Chuck shared heartwarming photos from a family vacation in Hawaii on April 12. The post depicted Chuck, Gena, and their twins, along with two other relatives, radiating joy. Chuck expressed his gratitude, captioning the post with, “Feeling blessed spending time with my family in Hawaii. There is no greater joy. God Bless, Chuck Norris.”

Chuck’s commitment to family extends beyond social media posts. In 2013, Chuck and Gena faced a challenging period when Gena experienced severe health issues after MRI scans. Chuck, witnessing a decline in his wife’s health, decided to take action, expressing, “I saw a death in her eyes. I saw her dying, and I knew I had to do something.” The couple went through a harrowing experience, with Gena eventually being diagnosed with complications from gadolinium, a contrast dye used in MRI scans.

To support Gena’s recovery, Chuck put his film career on hold and took her to China for treatment. He stood by her side for five months, reading her books and providing unwavering support. The couple faced a legal battle, suing drug companies in a multi-million dollar lawsuit. Despite the difficulties, Chuck and Gena emerged stronger, now enjoying a peaceful life in their Texas ranch.

The Norris family resides in a spacious home in Northwood Hills, Dallas, featuring four bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a media room, a pool, and a large patio. Chuck’s “Lone Wolf Ranch” also includes a martial arts center where he trains the next generation. Chuck’s social media posts and interviews highlight his focus on family and the importance of a supportive and loving home.