Dakota Fanning revealed how generous Tom Cruise is – he remembers her birthday every year.

Dakota Fanning has essentially grown up in Hollywood, starting her acting career at the age of five. Beginning with commercials, she swiftly transitioned into movies, embarking on a remarkable journey in the industry.

Her career has been marked by significant projects from a very young age, sharing the screen with some of Hollywood’s biggest names before even reaching her teenage years. Amidst her experiences, she has gathered quite a few intriguing anecdotes, one of which revolves around Tom Cruise.

In a recent interview while promoting her Netflix series Ripley alongside Andrew Scott, Fanning shared a heartwarming story about Cruise’s generosity. Reflecting on their time filming ‘War of the Worlds’ together, she revealed that Cruise initiated a tradition by sending her a birthday gift every year since.

Recalling the memorable gesture, Fanning reminisced about receiving her first cellphone, courtesy of Cruise. During a playful game with Scott, where he guessed the giver of her first cellphone, Cruise’s name emerged, proving Scott’s intuition correct. Fanning confirmed that Cruise indeed gifted her a Motorola Razr, an experience that left her exhilarated.

Despite being just 11 at the time and lacking contacts to call or text, Fanning cherished the device, feeling a sense of coolness carrying her own flip phone. Since then, she has observed Cruise’s thoughtfulness firsthand, noting how he consistently remembers her birthday and ensures to send her a present each year.

Expressing gratitude for Cruise’s continued kindness, Fanning praised his considerate gestures, highlighting his recent acknowledgment of her 30th birthday. Scott, in jest, humorously remarked on Cruise’s benevolence, light-heartedly sharing his own experiences, or lack thereof, with receiving gifts from the Hollywood icon.