Decoding the Enigma: A Retired Icon, Voted Sexiest Woman of the 20th Century, Who Vanished After a Secret Marriage

The French legend, Brigitte Bardot, has led a vibrant life as a perpetual ‘It’ girl in the entertainment industry. She is acknowledged and admired for the iconic roles she portrayed in numerous silver-screen productions.

Playboy, renowned for featuring and showcasing beautiful and famous women, bestowed upon the French blonde beauty a prominent position as one of the sexiest female stars of the 20th century. Other media outlets have even dubbed her the number one “It” girl of all time.

In addition to her captivating beauty, Brigitte is particularly known for her famous pouty lips, earning her the fourth spot on Playboy’s list of sexiest female stars. Her sultry confidence and sensual charisma have also earned her the title of her home country’s most admired star.

Beyond her success as an actress and all-around entertainer, Brigitte has established herself as a passionate animal rights activist. In her personal life, the beloved star, affectionately referred to as BB, is a mother of one and has been happily married to her husband, Bernard d’Ormale, for 31 years.

According to reports, the couple secretly tied the knot in August 1992, with only a select few friends present for their special day. Despite initial doubts from Brigitte’s friends about her remarrying after her previous husband, the couple wed in a charming wooden church in Norway and shared a life together in Brigitte’s luxurious 10-bedroom mansion in Saint-Tropez.

Since their first meeting, Bernard has remained a steadfast companion by Brigitte’s side, especially during her health scares. When French newspapers reported Brigitte’s alleged sedative overdose in 1992, Bernard reassured the concerned public, stating, “Brigitte was overcome with fatigue and took too much medication to go to sleep…she did not have her stomach pumped and was fine after a few hours.”

A spokesperson for the clinic where Brigitte was taken further confirmed Bernard’s assertion that his wife was fine. However, years after her sedative scare, Brigitte faced another health battle.

Earlier this year, Bernard confirmed that Brigitte experienced difficulty breathing. Luckily, first responders quickly intervened, provided her with oxygen, and stayed with her for a while to ensure she was okay.

Bernard explained that the cause of his wife’s respiratory problems was age and weather-related, citing an extreme heatwave circulating Europe at that time. Apparently, the air conditioning system in their La Madrague home was not functioning optimally.

Despite assuring the public of Brigitte’s well-being, a news outlet had alleged that she had stayed in the ICU. However, the “A Very Private Affair” talent set the record straight via a handwritten note:

“I want to reassure everyone. I am doing very well. The press caused a scandal with an illness that happened to me…”

Brigitte Bardot Was Recently Seen Out For the First Time In Years On Her 89th Birthday Recently, the revered icon, who had respiratory problems earlier this year, was spotted in a rare appearance. On her 89th birthday, paparazzi captured pictures of Brigitte enjoying a drive in the South of France.

The starlet was seen driving in a mini white van from her La Madrague villa to her abode in La Garigue. Her legendary blonde hair was tied back, only allowing a few loose wisps to frame her face. She also had on big sunglasses shielding her eyes from the sun.

Brigitte’s rare outing comes many years after she was last seen in public and a few months after emergency services showed up at her home to assist her with her breathing difficulties.