Demi Moore cuddles with sick Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis (69) and Demi Moore (61) are still very close around 24 years after their separation! This is evidenced, for example, by a recent photo on the internet. On the actress’s Instagram account, she shares some snapshots on the occasion of her former partner’s birthday: Among these is a picture showing Bruce sitting in a chair, with the “LOL” actress holding his arm and hand firmly. Additionally, the two gaze into each other’s eyes in a touching manner. Demi lovingly writes: “Happy Birthday, BW! We love you and are so grateful to have you.”

The Hollywood star and the 61-year-old were married for almost 13 years and from their marriage, three daughters were born: Tallulah Willis (30), Rumer Willis (35), and Scout LaRue Willis (32). In another photo shared by the triple mother, there is a cute reminder of the childhood days of their three girls, who smile together alongside their dad into the camera. The fact that there is still a very close emotional bond between Demi and Bruce to this day, even though they divorced around 24 years ago, particularly delights the fans of the platform. “Thank you for being a great example of loving parents even after the separation. You’re helping your children more than you realize,” comments one admirer, and another agrees: “The relationship between them is the most beautiful thing there is!”

Not only Demi congratulates the “Die Hard” actor, who suffers from dementia and aphasia, on his 69th birthday on the internet: Other family members such as Bruce’s wife Emma Heming (45) or his daughter Rumer also send sweet wishes to the birthday boy. “Just like us, we just love him. What you may not know, but you can surely guess, is that the safest place in the whole world is in his arms,” his partner writes, for example, on the social media platform. His daughter shares a picture of her dad with his grandchild Louetta and notes: “Oh Daddio, being loved by you is like a gift. You are the funniest, most tender, charming, silliest, most talented, and most enchanting dad in the world.”