Demi Moore’s Lookalike Daughter Dyes Her Hair Peach, Igniting Reactions: Photo of Her New Look

Rumer Willis is channeling her inner Demi Moore, particularly with her latest hair transformation. The American actress recently shared photos featuring her vibrant new hair color on Instagram, and fans are absolutely loving the change.

Experimenting with different hairstyles is not a new venture for Rumer Willis. In her latest transformation, she revealed a bold look with bright peach-colored locks while posing in a bedroom.

In a series of photos, Rumer let her straight hair cascade to one side as she showcased various expressions. The sunlight streaming through the windows accentuated the light tint of her peach-colored hair.

Her Instagram followers showered her with compliments, expressing that the new hair color suits Rumer remarkably well. Many also pointed out the striking resemblance between Rumer and her famous mom. “Looking more like Demi as time goes on,” commented one person. “You are gorgeous like Yr mama n papa [sic],” echoed another.

“I don’t think you could be any more beautiful than you are,” wrote another social media user. A fourth follower praised her hair and suggested a connection to her recent motherhood, saying, “New mommas always change their hair,” referring to Rumer’s daughter Louetta Isley, named after the musical influences of Bruce and Rumer – Louie Armstrong, Etta James, and Isley Brothers.

This isn’t the first time Rumer has experimented with lighter hair. Back in 2007, she sported platinum blonde locks, surprising her parents and siblings. “But everyone, my parents, loved it,” she revealed.

The decision to go blonde in 2007 was inspired by her appearance in the movie “I Know What Boys Like,” where she had to wear a blonde wig. Falling in love with the hair color, she decided to make the change permanent. “I always find that whenever I’m doing something big in my life, I want to change the hair,” she explained of the bold choice.

Despite her frequent hair transformations, Rumer prioritizes hair care, using supplements daily to address issues like stress-induced hair loss. Dealing with concerns such as thinning and graying strands in the past, Rumer has seen remarkable improvements after incorporating supplements into her routine. “My curls are back. I don’t have [balding] spots on my temples. My overall texture isn’t breaking anymore,” she shared.

Interestingly, Rumer isn’t the only one in her family known for bold hairstyles. She previously dedicated a post to her parents, showcasing their shaved heads.