Dolly Parton Couldn’t Have a Kid & Became a Protective ‘Fairy Godmother’ to Miley Cyrus Who Is like Her

Dolly Parton, the esteemed figure in country music, has been married to Carl Thomas Dean for 57 years, having tied the knot on May 30, 1966. Despite their enduring partnership, the couple never had children, a decision that Parton has opened up about.

In 1982, the singer faced a harrowing ordeal of abdominal bleeding, leading to medical intervention and tour cancellations. Subsequently, in 1984, she underwent a partial hysterectomy, rendering her unable to conceive.

These health challenges plunged Parton into a two-year depression, prompting her to reassess her professional commitments.

Viewing it as a divine message to slow down and confront personal issues, she accepted God’s plan for her to remain childless, believing that she could nurture others’ children as her own.

Prior to her health setbacks, Parton and her husband had envisioned having children, even selecting the name Carla for their future daughter. However, as they grew older, they realized parenthood wasn’t in the cards.

Parton acknowledged that motherhood might have altered her trajectory as a country music legend, fearing she’d sacrifice her career out of parental guilt.

Nonetheless, she found a maternal role as the godmother to pop sensation Miley Cyrus.

Assuming her role seriously, Parton mentored Cyrus, instilling values of humility and respect amidst the young star’s rapid rise to fame.

She fondly recalls their time together on the set of “Hannah Montana,” where Cyrus, affectionately calling her “Aunt Dolly,” suggested Parton’s involvement in the show.

Their bond transcended the screen, with Parton admiring Cyrus’s growth as an artist. Defending Cyrus against criticism, Parton praised her evolution and supported her unconditionally in her artistic endeavors.

Their collaboration extended beyond mentorship, culminating in duets and mutual admiration. Cyrus regards Parton as her idol and role model, wishing others could experience the warmth and wisdom of her fairy godmother-like presence.

In 2023, the singer celebrated her 30th birthday and embarked on a new chapter in her career, focusing on creating music that resonates with her personal journey.

She has moved past the phase of proving herself to others and is embracing a fresh direction in her professional and personal life.

In December 2022, she collaborated with Dolly Parton to co-host a TV special titled “Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party: Legendary” on NBC.

Reflecting on their partnership, the singer highlighted their unique chemistry, authenticity, and genuine affection, which captivates audiences.

The strong bond between the two was evident when the singer expressed her desire to change her hair color to brunette.

Parton, reacting with playful resistance, jokingly protested, emphasizing their shared identity. Ultimately, the singer opted to maintain her signature blonde locks.

Their connection shone through during their 2023 duet of “Wrecking Ball,” a moment the singer described as “an honor” on Instagram.

Parton reciprocated the sentiment, expressing her pride in their collaboration and cherishing their profound relationship.

Throughout their journey, Parton has offered invaluable guidance to her goddaughter, supporting each other’s careers and fostering a genuine, enduring friendship.

Despite sounding sentimental to some, Parton attributes the authenticity of their bond to its genuine nature, underscoring the depth of their connection.