Donna Mills became a mom at 54 & found new love at 60 – At 82 she’s still an iconic blonde & looks radiant

“Donna Mills hasn’t aged a bit!” The timeless and iconic star of “Knots Landing” effortlessly exudes elegance at 82, captivating everyone with her makeup, stylish attire, and age-defying beauty. Many find it hard to believe she’s in her 80s. The actress embraced motherhood at 54, putting her career on hold to raise her child—a decision she deems worthwhile. Her journey led her to a famous boyfriend two decades ago.

Donna Mills is a woman blessed with exceptional beauty, maintaining her stunning looks throughout the passing years. Her beauty, coupled with her talent, propelled Mills to become a household name.

From her debut on the CBS daytime soap opera “The Secret Storm” in 1966 to her iconic role as the scheming Abby Cunningham in the long-running soap opera “Knots Landing,” her career soared. Mills also made significant guest appearances in the popular soap opera “General Hospital.”

While her career flourished, Mills sought love in her life. Eventually, she entered a relationship with guitarist Richard Holland, former husband of singer Chaka Khan and father to Damian.

Despite perceived differences in their personalities, they became a couple. The public speculated about their dynamic, with some believing Holland was drawn to Mills for financial comfort. Over their 20-year on-and-off relationship, they never started a family.

At 54, feeling the desire for motherhood, Mills defied criticism and adopted Chloe in 1994, putting her acting career on hold to focus on raising her daughter. Even 28 years later, their mother-daughter bond remains unwavering.

Chloe, now a celebrity in her own right, is an influencer, model, and a member of the esteemed California-based Soho House. Mills found love again after her tumultuous relationship with Holland. For the past two decades, she has been with Hollywood star Larry Gilman, describing him as her soul mate.

In 2015, Gilman surprised Mills with a vineyard, solidifying their bond. Recently, Mills, alongside Linda Gray and Joan Collins, posed for a magazine shoot, radiating beauty and defying age. Fans hailed them as “icons” and “legends.”

Mills, appearing on the Tamron Hall Show in June 2022 at 81, discussed her decision to prioritize family over acting, leaving fans astonished by her age-defying looks.

In a previous interview, she attributed her youthful appearance to a disciplined lifestyle, including a diet devoid of pasta, starch, and sugar, regular workouts involving weight training and stretching, and dancing in her home gym’s ballet room. Embracing her wrinkles, she avoids cosmetic procedures, shuns excessive sun exposure, and handles her makeup herself.

Donna Mills continues to embrace life with love and vibrancy, proving that age is just a number.