Elton John’s Sons Take on Chores for Pocket Money, Defy Spoiled Stereotypes

Sir Elton John and his husband, David Furnish, have been in a relationship for over twenty years and are dedicated to instilling values of humility and financial appreciation in their two sons, Zachary and Elijah.

At 73 years old, Sir Elton John remains an icon in the music industry with a prolific career spanning over three decades. Despite his continued success, he now prioritizes aspects of life beyond music, such as his marriage to David Furnish and their role as parents to Zachary and Elijah.

Their journey began in 1993 when John and Furnish met during a dinner organized by a mutual friend. John was drawn to Furnish’s reserved nature and impeccable style, leading to their first date and the start of a long-term relationship. After nine years in a civil partnership, they married in 2014, a joyous occasion shared with their sons who served as ring bearers.

Their path to parenthood was marked by challenges, starting in 2009 when they formed a bond with a Ukrainian boy named Lev at an orphanage for children with HIV. Despite legal obstacles preventing them from formally adopting Lev, they remained supportive of him. This experience opened John’s eyes to the possibility of fatherhood, leading to the birth of their sons, Zachary in 2010 and Elijah in 2013, through surrogacy.

Despite their demanding schedules, John and Furnish prioritize hands-on parenting, eschewing the reliance on nannies and housekeepers. Their primary focus is on nurturing their sons’ happiness and well-being.

John penned a heartfelt letter to Zachary and Elijah, expressing profound gratitude for the joy they bring to his life. He emphasizes the importance of love and support in their upbringing, ensuring they never forget the unwavering devotion of their parents.

As they continue to navigate parenthood, Sir Elton John and David Furnish are grateful for the beautiful family they’ve built and remain committed to providing their sons with a foundation of love, support, and values.

Since becoming a parent, John has reflected on how his perspective on life has shifted and the values he and his husband aim to instill in their children.

He acknowledges that parenthood has reshaped his relationship with money. While previously, hits songs or lavish possessions may have held significance, now, quality time with Zachary and Elijah is deemed more valuable. John admits that before having kids, he and Furnish spent extravagantly, accustomed to a lifestyle revolving around themselves. However, since the arrival of their sons, they’ve drastically cut down on expenses, focusing on essentials. Additionally, they’ve been imparting the value of money and the importance of earning it to their children.

Despite their comfortable upbringing, John is adamant about instilling humility in his children. He intends to strike a balance between providing for them and ensuring they remain grounded. Rather than leaving them his entire estate, he aims to leave them in a sound financial state without spoiling them.

John has been teaching Zachary and Elijah about money since they were toddlers. Through chores like kitchen and garden work, they earn pocket money, which they allocate to charity, savings, and spending. As they’ve grown older, their chores have expanded to include tasks like cleaning their rooms, earning stars for each completed chore.

While acknowledging that their children’s upbringing may not be entirely conventional due to their fame, John and Furnish strive to maintain some normalcy in their lives. Despite living in a mansion, they ensure their children experience life outside its confines, going out for pizza or catching a movie as a family.

Though aware of the pitfalls of raising children in the spotlight, John appreciates the public’s generally positive demeanor toward his family. He embraces moments with his children, often taking them out for family activities and actively participating in their school routines, determined not to let his fame overshadow their upbringing.

Elton John rarely shares photos of his sons on social media, but recently, the “Rocket Man” singer treated fans to a glimpse of his family. In a rare moment, John posted a photo featuring his husband, their sons, and their godmother, Lady Gaga. Although he regretted not being present in the picture, he sent his love to them.

Fans were astonished by how much Zachary and Elijah had grown. Comments flooded in, with one admirer remarking, “My goodness, the boys are getting tall. Such handsome little gentlemen.” Another fan gushed, “Look at these gorgeous boys and their papa and godmother!”

Comment on Elton John’s page | Source: Instagram/eltonjohn

Comment on Elton John’s page | Source: Instagram/eltonjohn

Comment on Elton John’s page | Source: Instagram/eltonjohn

In a touching letter addressed to his sons, John expressed the profound impact they’ve had on his life. “Zachary and Elijah, you two are the greatest gifts I have ever been given. You have filled my heart with love and my life with purpose and meaning in ways I didn’t think were possible,” wrote the singer.

Despite their fame and success, John and Furnish cherish the beautiful family they’ve created. Above all, they want their children to remember the unwavering love and support they’ll always receive from their parents.