Geena Davis finally became a mom at 46, ex-husband Jeff Goldblum refused to start a family with her

Elijah Blue Allman’s request for a divorce dismissal has been denied due to substance abuse concerns. The son of music icon Cher initially filed for divorce in 2021.

In recent developments, a judge rejected the divorce dismissal request filed by Cher’s son, Elijah Blue Allman, amid ongoing conservatorship issues with his mother.

Cher’s conservatorship filing is rooted in concerns about her son’s inability to care for himself adequately and handle his finances responsibly. Prior to the dismissal attempt, Elijah had originally filed for divorce from his wife, Marieangela King, in November three years ago, after eight years of marriage.

Earlier this month, Elijah sought a divorce dismissal, despite Marieangela claiming not to have seen him since the previous April. She asserted that they had previously agreed to address their marital issues.

However, Marieangela alleged that Cher’s interference thwarted their attempts to work on their marriage. She accused the “Strong Enough” singer of continuing to interfere with Elijah’s health management, location, and accessibility.

Elijah’s estranged wife requested that he cover her legal fees, continue spousal support, and pay an outstanding $40,000. She cited Allman’s lack of effort in reconciliation as grounds for her request.

The rejected divorce dismissal comes days after a Los Angeles Supreme Court judge denied Cher’s conservatorship petition on January 5. Another hearing on the conservator matter is scheduled for January 29.

In a December filing, court documents claimed, “Any funds distributed to Elijah will immediately be spent on drugs, leaving Elijah with no assets to provide for himself, and putting Elijah’s life at risk.” Cher emphasized that Elijah earns $120,000 annually and clarified ongoing distributions from the trust established by his late father, Greg Allman.

Despite his past struggles with addiction, Elijah Blue Allman objected to his mother’s conservatorship filing. The 41-year-old appeared in court, asserting his sobriety, attendance at AA meetings, and willingness to undergo future drug tests.

In her new memoir, “Dying of Politeness,” Geena Davis makes significant revelations about her upbringing in New England. She describes her parents as “insanely polite,” a common trait in the region.

Davis reflects on the New England culture of avoiding needs and maintaining politeness. This upbringing led her to reconsider having children until she matured.

She expresses gratitude for delaying motherhood, stating, “I always felt lucky that I had my kids late because I just feel like I changed so much. I always knew I wanted kids, but what I was doing waiting that long, I don’t know. I never tried before, in other words. But it’s been great. And twins are fun!”

Geena Davis became a mother later in life, and she values the decision to wait until she was older and more mature before starting a family.

Reza Jerrahy, a renowned craniofacial surgeon in Southern California, is the man who became a father with Geena Davis. They married in 2001, separated in 2017, and filed for divorce in 2018. During the divorce proceedings, Davis argued that their marriage was not legal due to the absence of a marriage license, while Jerrahy contended that the ceremony was valid under Islamic law as performed by his father.

Geena Davis took her time before embracing motherhood, focusing on personal growth before embarking on the journey of parenthood.