Grandson quits job, gives up everything to become 96-year-old grandma’s full-time caregiver

Many of us like to believe that we would do anything to ensure the happiness and well-being of our family members.

This sentiment generally holds true, although as we age and start our own families, it becomes challenging to drop everything to assist a loved one in need.

Certainly, small acts of kindness and being available for conversations are things most of us can do regularly. However, what if a family member needed you to quit your job, fly halfway around the world, and dedicate your life to their care?

Chances are high that many of us will never have to seriously consider this question. However, Chris Punsalan, a content creator and musician from the Philippines, did…

According to reports, Chris’s family resides in Nevada, but his 96-year-old grandmother lives in the Philippines. The arrangement worked well until his grandmother ran out of caregivers. While his family considered sending her to a care home, Chris was prepared to take an extraordinary step that few would contemplate.

In essence, Chris decided to uproot his entire life and return to the Philippines to become his grandmother’s full-time caregiver.

In an interview with ABS-CBN a few years ago, Chris explained: “She took care of me, and I would hate to see her go to home care, which is where I feel most grandparents go in America. They go to home care because nobody is able to take care of them.”

Chris, who had already gained an online following due to his work as a content creator, probably couldn’t have predicted that his decision would go viral. Despite the challenges, he embraced his new journey, sharing videos depicting a typical day with his grandmother.

“To see her forget who I am sometimes and for me to have to remind her,” he revealed. “That’s probably one of the more difficult things because it’s a constant reminder that life is very fragile, and it’s very short.”

Even though Chris is separated from the rest of his family and has undoubtedly made significant sacrifices to care for his grandmother, this compassionate young man considers himself fortunate to spend valuable time with his elderly relative.