Michael J. Fox, who courageously confronted Parkinson’s disease for 33 years, is currently navigating the challenges it presents.

He relies on medication to combat facial muscle paralysis, which leads to involuntary movements. Despite the hardships, Fox’s positive perspective on life serves as an inspiration to many.

Director Davis Guggenheim, having spent time with Fox, expressed a desire for a similar outlook. Fox recognizes Parkinson’s as a complex gift, stating, “It’s the gift that keeps on taking, but it has changed my life in so many positive ways.”

Fox’s journey has been far from easy. Battling bouts of depression alongside a series of injuries, including broken bones and surgeries, he remains resilient, declaring, “I’m a tough son of a b.”

Acknowledging his mortality at 62, Fox faces the future without fear. He understands that one day he may decide, “I’m not going out today.”

As life with Parkinson’s presents increasing challenges, Fox remains determined, even though he doesn’t anticipate reaching his 80th year. He is prepared to carry Parkinson’s with him as long as necessary, acknowledging that it’s “banging on the door.”