Helen Hunt Shared New Makeup-Free Photo: At 60, Fans Accused Her of Having Undergone Plastic Surgery

Helen Hunt took a stroll down memory lane by sharing a book linked to a film she once starred in, sparking a range of reactions from fans. The esteemed award-winning actress posted a makeup-free selfie holding the book “Twister” on her Instagram page, which boasts over 500k followers, on September 16, 2023.

In the caption, Helen wrote, “Thrifting. #twister #VHS,” and showcased her barefaced look with her blonde hair flowing, adorned in a denim jacket over a white top.

Her followers chimed in with comments, offering both compliments and critiques. Some praised her natural appearance, with one user stating, “Helen, you look very cool,” and another expressing, “Still a beauty, Helen,” accompanied by a heart emoji.

However, amidst the positive remarks, some criticized her appearance, accusing her of undergoing plastic surgery. One comment questioned the changes in her face, while another exclaimed, “Wow, too much plastic surgery.”

At 60 years old, Helen Hunt has experienced one marriage. She was previously wed to actor Hank Azaria, recognized for his voice work on “The Simpsons.” Their union was brief, commencing in July 1999 and concluding in December 2000.

Happiness found its way back to Helen when she met producer and writer Matthew Carnahan. The couple welcomed their daughter Makena in May 2004, marking a significant moment in Helen’s acting career, which included an Oscar win for Best Actress in the 1997 film “As Good as It Gets.”

In a candid September 2008 interview, Helen expressed the unparalleled joy of motherhood and the decision to step back from the spotlight. She emphasized falling in love and having a daughter, Makena.

Despite her relationship with Matthew concluding in 2017, the two continue to co-parent their now-teenage daughter. In December 2020, sources revealed that co-parenting remained a top priority for Helen and Matthew, even as they pursued separate romantic paths.

Helen discreetly entered a relationship with professional photographer Steven Tepper, choosing to keep their romance low-key. Sources described Steven as a “super private” and “regular guy,” and Helen refrained from shining the celebrity spotlight on their connection.

The actress’s daughter, Makena, reportedly embraced her mother’s new relationship, finding joy in seeing Helen happy. As of the reports, Helen and Steven had been together for over a year, with the relationship thriving, albeit quietly.