Hilary Swank Finally Unveils ‘Sweet’ Names of Her Twin Babies & Son’s Name Sparks Discussion

In a heartwarming Valentine’s Day revelation, Hilary Swank delighted her followers by disclosing the names of her twin babies in an Instagram post.

Against the backdrop of a serene beach, Hilary Swank’s latest Instagram photo featured her 10-month-old twin children wearing bathing suits and white sun hats, seated before the ocean. The names of the twins were creatively spelled out with leaves, with a heart symbol affectionately placed between them.

Swank’s caption expressed her anticipation for upcoming talk shows, where she plans to discuss her new film and a partnership, choosing this special day to introduce her “two little loves” to her audience. She also humorously inquired if others’ children thought they could eat sand.

The names chosen by Swank, shared in this post, carry profound meanings. For her daughter, she selected Aya, a name of Hebrew origin signifying “colorful, bird, sign.”

Her son’s name, Ohm, is equally significant, drawing from Hindu tradition to denote “Primordial Sound.”

Followers reacted to finally learning her children’s names, with varied opinions on the uniqueness and appropriateness of the choices. Some were confused, while others praised the names as sweet and meaningful.

As reported on August 2, 2023:

Renowned American actress Hilary Swank, known for her roles in “Million Dollar Baby,” “Freedom Writers,” and “P.S. I Love You,” entered motherhood for the first time in her late 40s, facing criticism for the decision.

Celebrating her 49th birthday on July 30, 2023, Swank was said to have had the “happiest birthday of all” as she marked the occasion with her husband and embraced motherhood.

In October of the previous year, Swank took to Instagram to announce her pregnancy with a heartwarming video, sharing her excitement about expecting twins. The announcement received mixed reactions, with some expressing concern about her age and the potential risks.

Throughout her pregnancy, Swank publicly shared her joy, proudly displaying her baby bump at events like the Golden Globes. Despite facing criticism, she remained positive, stating that being pregnant in her 40s gave hope to other women in the same age group.

On April 10, Swank took to Instagram again, sharing a photo of herself watching the sunset while holding her twins in her arms. She expressed the challenges of the journey but emphasized the overwhelming joy and the feeling of being in heaven.

The recent Valentine’s Day post unveiling the names Aya and Ohm for her twins sparked both praise and confusion among followers. Swank’s commitment to her role as a mother remains evident despite public scrutiny.