House’ Actor Hugh Laurie says ‘dad would have hated’ ‘fake version’ of doctor instead of real one

Despite earning $700,000 per episode in the final season of the hit TV show “House,” Hugh Laurie, who portrayed TV’s most famous doctor, confesses to feeling like a fraud.

Reflecting on his career choice, Laurie regrets not following his father’s desire for him to become a real doctor. Dr. William (Ran) Laurie, an esteemed physician and former Olympic gold medalist, had envisioned a medical career for his son.

Hugh Laurie initially pursued medicine, following in his father’s footsteps while studying at the University of Cambridge. However, his path took an unexpected turn when he discovered a passion for acting through involvement in a drama club and a sketch comedy troupe.

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Laurie gained recognition for his roles in various TV shows and films, collaborating with notable figures like Emma Thompson and Stephen Fry. However, his breakthrough came with the role of Dr. Gregory House in the medical drama “House,” which earned him critical acclaim and a Golden Globe award.

Despite his success, Laurie grapples with feelings of inadequacy, believing that he fell short of his father’s expectations by not pursuing a career in medicine.

He views himself as a “fake version” of a doctor, a sentiment compounded by his father’s high hopes for him in the medical field.

Laurie’s regret is palpable as he reflects on his decision to take shortcuts in life, deviating from the path his father had envisioned. He acknowledges the guilt he feels for not fulfilling his father’s aspirations and considers himself a “cop-out” for not pursuing medicine.

Despite his achievements as an actor, Laurie’s lingering regret serves as a reminder of the complex relationship between parental expectations and personal fulfillment.