Inside Sidney Poitier’s Marriage of 45 Years with Joanna Shimkus Whom He Fell for on Movie Set

Sidney Poitier, a trailblazing figure in Hollywood renowned for breaking barriers and paving the way for diversity, had a tumultuous personal life until he found solace in his marriage to Joanna Shimkus.

Poitier’s journey to stardom began with his breakthrough role in “No Way Out” and culminated in his historic Oscar win for “Lilies of the Field.”

Yet, it was his role in “The Lost Man” that changed his life forever, leading him to meet his future wife, Joanna Shimkus.

Tragically, Poitier passed away at the age of 94, leaving behind a legacy of achievements and a loving marriage of 45 years to Shimkus. His death certificate cited heart failure, dementia, and prostate cancer as contributing factors.

Throughout their marriage, Shimkus remained Poitier’s steadfast companion and confidante. Their daughters described him not as a star but as a devoted husband and father, whose love and laughter filled their lives with warmth and joy.

Joanna Shimkus, a Canadian actress, married Poitier in 1976 after his divorce from his first wife, Juanita Hardy. Despite their contrasting backgrounds, they built a lasting bond that endured over four decades.

While Shimkus temporarily stepped back from acting to focus on family life, she eventually returned to the screen, driven by her passion for the craft rather than financial necessity.

Poitier and Shimkus, despite facing challenges and rumors of infidelity, maintained a loving relationship characterized by mutual respect and daily expressions of affection.

Shimkus fondly recalled their wedding day, where their daughters played a central role, and emphasized that their interracial relationship was never a point of contention for them.

Meanwhile, Poitier’s illustrious career spanned acting, directing, and producing, earning him numerous accolades, including an honorary Academy Award in 2001 and the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009.

In his final years, Poitier cherished moments spent with his extensive family, expressing pride in his daughters and gratitude for the love and support of his wife.

Sidney Poitier’s passing marked the end of an era in Hollywood, but his legacy as a pioneering actor and devoted family man continues to inspire generations.