Inside Susan Lucci’s Home with Ceiling Decor That Was a ‘Gift’ from Her Husband: ‘He Took My Breath Away’

Despite having one of the busiest careers in Hollywood, Susan Lucci, a talented actress and dancer, was fortunate to have a loving husband who knew exactly how to bring joy to her life. In a thoughtful gesture, he once surprised her with ceiling decorations for their stunning ocean-view home.

Known for her radiant smile and captivating performances, Susan Lucci became a sensation on the television series “All My Children.” Her romantic life off-screen was just as intriguing, revolving around her marriage to her husband of over five decades.

Lucci first crossed paths with Helmut Huber, an Austrian-born chef, before rising to fame as a TV star. She worked as a waitress at the Golden City Hotel, where Huber held the position of head chef and managed food and beverage services.

Initially, they were friends despite their mutual attraction. At the time, Lucci was engaged, and her parents even invited Huber to her engagement party. However, as time passed, their bond deepened into a lasting connection. The couple exchanged vows in 1969 and remained devoted to each other until Huber’s passing. Their marriage was a testament to unwavering love and support, establishing them as a true power couple.

Huber not only managed his wife’s career but also pursued his passion for cooking as an accomplished chef while overseeing Pine Valley Productions. His dedication to both roles exemplified his commitment to their shared success.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Huber played a pivotal role in saving Lucci’s life. In 2019, Lucci experienced recurring chest pain, which she initially dismissed. However, upon seeking medical attention, she discovered that her heart was at risk and required surgery. Thanks to Huber’s prompt action and unwavering support, Lucci underwent successful heart surgery and made a full recovery. Grateful for her restored health and the steadfast support of her husband, Lucci cherished the strength of their bond during challenging times.

The dancer confessed that she had never prioritized her health, often being consumed by her work. However, Lucci felt compelled to share her story to inspire others to pay attention to even the slightest signs of bodily discomfort.

Since then, Lucci has enjoyed robust health and maintains a youthful appearance at 76. Her husband also remained in good health until his passing in March 2022. Helmut Huber peacefully passed away in Long Island, New York, at the age of 84. He is survived by his radiant wife, their two children, two children from a previous marriage, and grandchildren.

Lucci is currently mourning the loss of her longtime partner and has requested privacy during this difficult time. Following his death, the family released an official statement honoring him as a devoted family man and loyal friend. Before his passing, Huber witnessed his two children with Lucci blossom into successful and responsible adults.

Their daughter, Liza Huber, now 48, inherited her mother’s acting talents. Like her mother, she began her acting career at a young age in the soap opera “Passions,” which ran for nearly a decade. Afterward, she married and started a family, raising four sons: Royce, Brendan, Hayden, and Mason. In addition to caring for her family, Liza also manages her business, “Sage Spoonfuls.”

Her younger brother, Andreas, represents his “Locality Media” brand but shares his father’s passion for golf. Andreas’ love for the sport helped his school’s team win the championship during his time at Georgetown University. Before transitioning into entrepreneurship, he competed on the Canadian PGA Tour and European Challenge Tour.

Lucci’s Paradise, Where She Created Memories with Huber

Lucci and Huber spent the majority of their lives in a 10,622-square-foot residence nestled on 1.4 acres with a picturesque ocean view. In this magnificent abode, they crafted memories that would endure a lifetime.

The property, valued at $20 million, was a custom-built home in Quogue in 1989. Designed by architect Eugene Futterman, it adhered to the Shingle Style prevalent in the area while boasting unique features.

With its hexagonal tower and various structures such as porches, decks, and corridors, the residence complemented its oceanfront setting. During a feature on “Open House TV” five years ago, Lucci showcased the warmth and charm of her castle-like home to her interviewer.

She illuminated the interior with a radiant glow, and as they explored the house, she explained that the abundant brightness was due to the natural light streaming through the uncovered double-height windows. Their decision to leave the windows bare was deliberate, as they wanted to preserve the breathtaking view without any distractions.

The couple was so enchanted by the brightness of their home that they decided to bring a bit of it indoors, enhancing its homely ambiance. Lucci disclosed that she was away filming a TV movie when her husband surprised her by commissioning an artist to paint the ceiling with soft colors, reminiscent of the serene sky.

Her husband’s unexpected yet remarkable gift adorned their ceiling with a charming painting, complemented by a magnificent chandelier hanging below. Lucci fondly reminisced, “I went away to do a movie for TV, I came home, and Helmut had an artist come in and paint all of that on the ceiling. He took my breath away.”

Lucci’s residence boasts a spacious dining room featuring green and white marble flooring inspired by Scandinavian designs and photos from the house’s era. With seating for twelve to fourteen people, the dining area offers the option to extend outside onto a patio through large glass doors.

Another captivating aspect of the house is its library, adorned with an animal-like print floor, cozy cushioned chairs, towering bookshelves, and a delightful ambiance for winter reading, complete with a fireplace.

Additionally, the home features a sophisticated dressing room illuminated by ample natural light streaming through large windows overlooking a serene blue water pool.

With seven rooms and seven and a half baths, Lucci’s heavenly abode includes a master bedroom offering breathtaking ocean views through its center-pleat curtains.

Despite the property being listed for sale, it holds a special place in Lucci’s heart as the backdrop for countless cherished memories shared with her beloved husband.

While Lucci currently resides in a different home that has undergone renovations, she provided a glimpse of the process on her Instagram, showcasing the installation of new countertops in her all-white kitchen. She also shared images of furniture being removed to make space for new pieces, expressing her excitement about the updates being made to her home.