Is Priscilla Presley Dating at 78? The Truth about Her Being ‘In Love’ with ‘Dallas’ Actor

At 78 years old, Priscilla Presley’s personal life continues to captivate fans and media outlets alike.

Recent rumors suggesting a potential romantic connection between Presley and her former “Dallas” co-star, Patrick Duffy, have stirred curiosity and speculation among fans.

Addressing these rumors directly, Presley took the opportunity during a Q&A session at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket to clarify her relationship status and feelings towards Duffy, who is also 75.

The rumors began swirling following a “Dallas” cast reunion at the Burbank Marriott Convention Center on March 1, where both Presley and Duffy were present.

Amidst the nostalgic gathering of old friends and colleagues, whispers of a romantic rekindling between the two began to surface.

Presley shared her bemusement over the situation, stating, “Now there’s this whole big thing out there that I love Patrick Duffy, and I’m reading this in a magazine that someone showed me yesterday.”

Despite the widespread speculation, she unequivocally denied any romantic involvement with Duffy or anyone else, emphasizing the absurdity of the rumors.

At the heart of these rumors lies a simple reunion between old friends. Presley emphasized the genuine affection and respect she holds for Duffy, noting that their encounter was nothing more than a joyful reunion after a long time apart.

Duffy, in turn, expressed his happiness with his current partner, Linda Purl, indicating that any romantic speculation between him and Presley was unfounded.

Presley’s gratitude towards the fans who attended the event was evident on social media, where she described them as “wonderful” and shared a photo of the crowd.

Despite the rumors, both Presley and Duffy cherish their friendship and professional rapport developed over the years.

Reflecting on her life post-Elvis, Presley openly discussed her decision not to remarry, citing her deep loyalty and love for the late rock icon.

She revealed that she had vowed never to be with another man while Elvis was alive, a vow she upheld for decades after his death. Presley’s steadfast loyalty to Elvis underscores the unique bond they shared and her contentment with her current life.