“It’s my privilege and honor to cook three meals a day for my family, and it’s a luxury on a level that I didn’t even realize, because it can be relentless for me on some days. You have pride in how you take care of your family.”

Julia Roberts has forged a resilient marriage with a partner outside the limelight, and they’ve sustained it for over two decades. Prioritizing motherhood over her career, she took a two-decade hiatus when she was nearing 40. Presently, the renowned actress lives a modest life with her family on a rural ranch, where she clandestinely tied the knot with her husband.

In the early months of 2000, Julia Roberts crossed paths with Danny Moder, a cameraman, on the set of “The Mexican.” At the time, both were involved in other relationships, with Julia dating actor Ben Bratt.

Danny was in a four-year marriage with his makeup artist wife, Vera Steimberg Moder. Sources close to Danny’s family hinted at strains in his marriage, but his growing bond with Julia prompted him to file for divorce in June 2001.

While dating Ben Bratt, Julia frequented the restaurants and shops near her lower Manhattan residence, but after their breakup, her habits changed. Her appearances at familiar haunts dwindled as her relationship with the now-available Danny blossomed.

The couple, now romantically involved, divided their time between Julia’s sprawling $5 million Taos ranch and Danny’s Los Angeles abode. Julia acquired the ranch in 1995 as a retreat from the bustle of Hollywood.

Life at the ranch was uncomplicated for the star, who enjoyed leisurely strolls with her numerous dogs, mingling with neighbors, grabbing takeout at Taos Cow, or unwinding with Danny at the Alley Cantina. It appeared their relationship was anything but transient.

According to an alleged friend of the actress, Julia and Danny’s bond was affectionate, steadfast, and devoid of judgment. In contrast, Julia’s ex-partner, Ben Bratt, who married his “Piñero” co-star Talisa Soto in May 2002, was not enamored with fame, as Julia once candidly revealed to Vanity Fair:

“It’s like a fly that won’t leave you alone; it’s that mosquito that buzzes in your ear when you’re trying to sleep at night.”

However, according to a friend, Danny embraced every aspect of Julia’s persona and accepted her wholeheartedly. Described as supportive, Danny celebrated Julia for who she was.

Unlike Julia, Danny didn’t bask in the same level of fame, and it was uncommon for a celebrity of her stature to be involved with someone perceived as “ordinary.” Despite tabloid gossip, the couple’s love endured, and Danny demonstrated his readiness to embrace Julia’s fame indefinitely.

Julia and Danny’s Unforeseen Private Nuptials On July 4, 2002, Julia invited friends to her ranch under the guise of a late-night Independence Day celebration. Guests traveled from Los Angeles, Manhattan, and Atlanta to join the festivities at the star’s 82-acre New Mexico estate.

Throughout the afternoon, guests lounged by the actress’s pool, indulging in homemade turkey prepared by Julia, engaging in basketball and football games. Despite some guests expressing fatigue, Julia insisted they stay.

As midnight approached, the intimate group gathered in a small chapel adorned with elegant Chinese lanterns and candles. Danny and Julia emerged, walking beneath an arch crafted from white and pink silk sheaths, leading to a circle strewn with rose petals.

The realization dawned on guests as they witnessed the couple’s intentions. Excitement ensued as Danny dropped to one knee, proposing to Julia, who responded with a heartfelt “yes,” echoed by the jubilant crowd.

A guest described the affair as intimate and enchanting, leaving them feeling like privileged witnesses. The couple’s ceremony, officiated by Barry Hirsch, Julia’s lawyer and confidant, was devoid of pomp, with no bridal party or celebrity attendees. Julia radiated in a pink cotton halter dress adorned with antique beads and pearls, while Danny looked dashing in a red ruffled shirt and tan pants. Handwritten vows were exchanged in a brief, heartfelt ceremony, punctuated by laughter when a guest accidentally broke a glass, prompting cries of “Mazel Tov!”

Throughout the ceremony, the couple shared affectionate kisses, eliciting cheers from their guests. Following the ceremony, Julia temporarily halted her burgeoning career for two decades, declaring lovingly:

“I was born to be the wife of this man.”

Julia’s sentiment proved accurate as Danny enriched her second marriage. The star embraced motherhood later in life, prioritizing it above her professional pursuits.

Roberts’ Journey into Motherhood with Moder Approximately two years into their marriage, Julia’s spokesperson announced her and Danny’s anticipation of twins, due in early 2005. On November 28, 2004, Julia welcomed Hazel and Phinnaeus at the age of 37.

Julia revealed that “Hazel” was chosen for their daughter due to its vintage charm. The couple decided on “Phinnaeus” for their son, albeit Danny initially preferred “Finn,” deeming it more of a nickname.

Motherhood took precedence for Julia, with a close friend noting her profound fulfillment and joy. The actress confirmed her third pregnancy in December 2006, welcoming son Henry Daniel Moder at the age of 39.

Residing on their tranquil ranch, Julia and Danny cherished their quiet family life, prioritizing their children’s well-being above all else.

Julia and Danny’s Serene Life on the Ranch and Julia’s Approach to Motherhood In 2013, Julia maintained a low profile on social media, refraining from sharing glimpses of her children on Instagram. Her husband, however, was more forthcoming. Julia avoided disclosing her whereabouts on Twitter, demonstrating her grounded nature when presented with J.D. Salinger’s short stories by a friend.

The star opted for a more personal touch by penning a heartfelt thank-you note on paper, delivered directly to her friend. Despite once reigning as the world’s highest-paid actress, Julia effortlessly withdrew from the public eye.

She retreated to any of her residences in New Mexico, California, or Manhattan. Julia clarified that their lifestyle, carefully structured by her and Danny, aimed to shield their children, emphasizing: “We just want to have our family life and not have that intruded upon.”

Danny’s wife expressed gratitude for being at an age where she felt removed from the superficialities of internet culture and modern celebrity. She considered herself fortunate to have circumvented certain aspects due to her age.

During a 2010 appearance on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” Julia relished in the simple joys of witnessing her children’s wonderment at each new day. She fondly described her trio, still young enough to marvel at life’s every nuance.

The “Eat, Pray, Love” actress endeavored to be fully present for her children, a commitment she humorously illustrated in a Today show interview by delighting in mundane victories like successful potty training.

According to a 2022 feature in Architectural Digest, Julia’s renowned sanctuary was her Taos ranch, serving as the family’s cherished retreat. Visitors to the Southwest region often spotted Julia at local establishments, maintaining her role as a dedicated wife by rendezvousing with Danny during his work breaks.

In a 2017 interview with InStyle, the actress offered glimpses into her motherhood journey, sharing anecdotes about diaper rash remedies and playground diplomacy. Despite her celebrity status, Julia embraced the everyday routines of parenting, advocating for family dinners as a prime opportunity for bonding and meaningful conversation.

In one of Danny’s social media posts, the family gathered around the dinner table, captured in a cozy setting replete with rustic furnishings, where heartfelt conversations unfolded.

Reflecting on parenting milestones, Julia disclosed her decision to introduce cell phones at age 12, spurred by her daughter Hazel’s earnest appeal. The actress shared tender moments of parental capitulation, moved by her daughter’s candid expressions of need.

Dealing with separation anxiety, Julia revealed her strategy of including her children in her outings whenever possible. In a candid interview with Sunday Morning in October 2020, the actress underscored the paramount importance of family over career achievements, describing her role as a mother and wife as the cornerstone of her happiness.

Julia reaffirmed that her greatest joys stemmed from her family life, cherishing the harmonious existence she and Danny cultivated with their children. Despite a hiatus from romantic comedies, Julia eagerly anticipated her return to the genre in 2022, reuniting with longtime friend George Clooney for a forthcoming project.