Jaclyn Smith Faces Criticism at 77 for Looking ‘Unrecognizable’ – Grandkids and Homely Living with Her Husband

Jaclyn Smith, renowned for her role in “Charlie’s Angels,” faced criticism for her appearance, with claims of drastic changes to her face. Despite the backlash, she continues to share cheerful photos, embracing her slim figure, and finds unwavering support from her loving husband.

Born on October 16, 1945, in Houston, Texas, Jaclyn initially aspired to be a ballerina but transitioned into modeling for Breck shampoo in 1973. Her timeless beauty caught the eye of an agent, leading her to a successful career in acting.

In 1976, at the age of 31, Jaclyn secured a role in the pilot for “Charlie’s Angels,” which catapulted her to fame. The series ran for five seasons, with Jaclyn being the only original angel to star throughout. She cherishes the strong bond with her co-stars, Farrah Fawcett and Kate Jackson.

Beyond acting, Jaclyn delved into entrepreneurship, introducing a line of women’s apparel and accessories at Kmart in 1985. The venture proved highly successful, with over 100 million women purchasing her products. She expanded her brand to include bed and bath décor, outdoor living, and skincare products.

Jaclyn’s financial success is evident, with an estimated net worth of $150 million. Her acting career, coupled with business ventures, contributed to her wealth. Notably, she earned $40,000 per episode by the end of “Charlie’s Angels.”

In 2019, during a photoshoot at her Los Angeles mansion, compliments were showered on Jaclyn’s timeless beauty. However, she admitted struggling to look at herself and refrained from viewing the pictures taken. Despite online criticism questioning her changed appearance, Jaclyn maintains that she hasn’t undergone significant cosmetic surgery.

Jaclyn attributes her ageless look to a clean lifestyle—no smoking or drinking, a healthy diet rich in berries and vegetables, and regular exercise. While she acknowledges her husband’s advice against major cosmetic surgery, she utilizes face peels, rejuvenating lasers, and her own fat for enhancement.

Dismissing claims of fillers or extensive cutting, Jaclyn opts for intense pulse lighting instead of Botox, following her husband’s caution against overdoing it. Despite her statements, followers on her Instagram plead with her to refrain from further cosmetic procedures.

Despite facing online criticism about her appearance, Jaclyn Smith, known for her role in “Charlie’s Angels,” emphasizes that life is more than beauty. People have commented on her pictures, suggesting the use of fillers, with remarks about her mouth and the impact of cosmetic procedures on her natural aging signs. Some advise her to age naturally, expressing concerns about the changes in her features.

In response, Smith believes that beauty is superficial and can turn on you if not cultivated into something deeper. She asserts that individuals should have more going on in their lives than what’s on their faces. As a mother and entrepreneur, she finds pride in her roles and emphasizes that work is her key to staying young. She enjoys new directions and unknown terrain, considering it essential for maintaining youthfulness.

Away from the online criticism, Smith dedicates her time to her family in her $25 million mansion on Los Angeles’ Sunset Boulevard. The house, purchased in the ’90s, underwent renovations and reflects her posh personality with beautiful antiques, a chandelier, family photographs, and various memorabilia. The rooms, filled with meaningful items, evoke memories of family events, showcasing her deep connection to her past and present.

Jaclyn Smith, renowned for her role in “Charlie’s Angels,” embraces a simple life centered around her family. She expresses an “obsessive love” for her family, preferring to stay home and babysit her grandchildren rather than indulging in the glitzy life. Smith is a devoted mother of two, Spencer Richmond and Gaston Richmond, and is excited about becoming a grandmother again with Gaston’s second child on the way.

Living in her mansion with her fourth husband, Dr. Brad Allen, whom she married in 1997, Smith values family above all. She has experienced previous marriages, including to Roger Davis, Dennis Cole, and Anthony Richmond, with whom she shares her two children. Now happily married to Allen, the couple launched a skincare line in 2010.

Smith and Allen share a deep love and enjoy spending time together. An Instagram post captures a playful workout session where Allen carried her on his shoulders, showcasing their affectionate relationship. Despite Smith’s love for dancing and work, her family remains her top priority, emphasizing, “My family must come first. I have no regrets. That’s truly where my heart lies.”

The actress cherishes moments with her granddaughters, Bea and Olivia Rose, creating special bonds. The house is open to them, and Bea, in particular, knows where to find her stash of gummy bears. Smith delights in unstructured time with Bea, engaging in activities like tea parties and discussions about flowers in the backyard. While she loves her work, Smith finds joy in family moments, including trips to Griffith Park and Disneyland, and exercising with her husband.