James Earl Jones Turns 92 — He Feels ‘Grateful’ & Has an Only Son Who Got His Amazing Talent

Celebrated American actor James Earl Jones commemorates his 92nd birthday today!

Reflecting on his 90th Jubilee two years ago, Jones shared insights into the celebration of this milestone.

Jones, known for his iconic voice, has a single child from his interracial marriage with co-star Cecilia Hart.

With a diverse filmography spanning decades and genres, Jones has had a remarkable career in Hollywood, consistently charming audiences with his warm smile.

On January 17, 2023, Jones marks his 92nd birthday, surrounded by family, including his son. Despite his age, the actor displays no signs of slowing down, emphasizing his love for work and commitment to acting for as long as possible.

Turning 90, Jones expressed growing wiser with each passing year and shared his hopes for increased love and respect among people in the years to come. He affirmed his youthful spirit and enthusiasm for acting, expressing a willingness to embrace roles that captivate him, irrespective of age.

Jones, married to Cecilia Hart for 34 years, met her on the set of the TV series “Paris.” They tied the knot in 1982 after starring together in an “Othello” revival and welcomed their son, Flynn Earl Jones, the same year. Despite their seemingly happy marriage, tragedy struck in 2016 when Hart passed away at 68 after battling ovarian cancer.

In 2017, Jones received a Tony Lifetime Achievement Award, using the moment to honor his late wife, expressing gratitude for her companionship and co-production of their son, Flynn. Flynn, following in his father’s footsteps, has ventured into voice-over work, showcasing a distinctive voice for audiobooks and various projects. While leading a private life away from social media, Flynn remains a supportive presence at significant career milestones for his parents.

The Jones family, marked by their resilience and achievements, continues to be a testament to love, enduring legacies, and shared successes in the world of entertainment.