Jamie Lee Curtis gets emotional recalling time officiating trans daughter Ruby’s cosplay wedding

Jamie Lee Curtis, a vocal advocate for trans rights, recently shared touching details about her daughter Ruby Guest’s wedding, a significant event for the family. The ceremony, held in the backyard of the actress’s family home, was not only a celebration of love but also a testament to inclusivity.

In a heartwarming gesture, Jamie, not only the mother of the bride but also the officiant, presided over the wedding. The joyful union took place between Ruby and her long-time partner, Kynthia. The backyard venue, reminiscent of Jamie’s older daughter Annie Guest’s wedding three years prior, added sentimental value to the occasion.

Ruby publicly came out as transgender in 2021, following a private disclosure to her parents in 2020. In a joint interview with her mother, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ruby discussed her journey and introduced her partner, Kynthia, to the public.

Adding a unique and personal touch to the ceremony, Jamie donned a costume from the World of Warcraft, aligning with the theme of a cosplay wedding. Reflecting on this idea during a March 2022 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jamie expressed her excitement about the unconventional approach.

Detailing her chosen character, Jaina Proudmoore, an admiral from the game, Jamie highlighted the significance of the nuptials. The actress shared her anticipation for the event, emphasizing the meaningfulness of both her children choosing to marry in their family’s backyard.

Expressing her emotional connection to the weddings, Jamie Lee Curtis revealed that having both her children married in the same backyard brought tears to her eyes. Beyond the glitz of the entertainment industry, Jamie emphasized the profound significance of these family milestones.

Capturing the joyful moments, Jamie shared pictures from the celebration, portraying the happiness radiating from both brides in their World of Warcraft-themed costumes. The inclusive theme extended to guests, encouraging them to participate in the imaginative and joyful atmosphere.

Ruby, who acknowledged her sense of being different since the age of 16, opened up about her journey to self-acceptance. Overcoming challenges, including a negative therapy experience, she eventually embraced her identity and shared it with the world. The wedding marked a significant chapter in Ruby’s life, surrounded by love, acceptance, and the enchantment of a cosplay celebration.

Seven years ago, when I was still identifying as Tom, I disclosed to my now-fiancé that I was likely transgender,” Ruby revealed in an interview with People. “And they responded, ‘I love you for who you are.'”

She recounted the supportive stance of both her parents, emphasizing their efforts to understand and embrace her journey. Despite the initial challenge of navigating new terminology and concepts, Ruby felt reassured by her family’s acceptance.

Reflecting on her own learning process, Jamie Lee Curtis acknowledged the difficulty of adapting to new language and concepts related to transgender identity. She admitted the inevitability of making mistakes but expressed a commitment to minimizing significant errors.

Slowing down speech and practicing mindfulness in communication became strategies for Jamie Lee Curtis to navigate discussions about Ruby’s identity. Despite occasional slip-ups, she highlighted the human aspect of the learning experience.

Admitting their primary struggle, Jamie Lee Curtis and her husband, Christopher Guest, faced the challenge of letting go of Ruby’s birth name. The actress explained the emotional attachment to the name used for years and the adjustment required to adopt new pronouns.

While acknowledging occasional lapses, Jamie Lee Curtis revealed her intention to share Ruby’s story not as an attempt to impose beliefs but to offer insight into their family’s experience. She emphasized the importance of supporting Ruby, much like her older sister Annie, and expressed a humble willingness to learn and improve.

“I am here to support Ruby. That is my job. Just as it is to care and love and support her older sister Annie in her journeys,” Jamie Lee Curtis stated. As a grateful student in the ongoing conversation, she recognized the valuable lessons learned from Ruby and conveyed a sincere desire to enhance her understanding and support.