Jane Seymour, 72, explained that she and co-star Joe Lando, 61, didn’t talk to each other for years while filming “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” and it was a difficult time

Before her iconic role on “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman,” Jane Seymour faced significant challenges in her personal life, including homelessness and a staggering nine million dollar debt due to her ex-husband’s financial mismanagement.

Despite being a renowned British-American actress, Seymour’s journey to success had its share of struggles. Her breakthrough came with lead roles in notable film and TV projects like “The Onedin Line” and “Live and Let Die,” paving the way for her eventual portrayal of Dr. Michaela Quinn in “Dr. Quinn.”

Seymour’s casting in “Dr. Quinn” proved to be a lifeline during a tumultuous period. Left with nothing after her ex-husband’s financial recklessness, Seymour seized an opportunity for a role in a TV movie that could potentially lead to a series.

This chance provided stability for Seymour and her family during a time of uncertainty.

Despite finding refuge in her role on “Dr. Quinn,” Seymour faced personal challenges on set, including navigating awkward dynamics with co-star Joe Lando, with whom she had a complicated romantic history.

Their on-screen chemistry contrasted with off-screen tension, exacerbated by Seymour’s subsequent marriage to a director of the show.

Reflecting on her time on “Dr. Quinn” years later, Seymour recognized the enduring relevance of the series’ themes and its impact on viewers across generations.

Despite the complexities of her personal life, Seymour maintains a positive outlook, drawing lessons from past relationships and failed marriages.

She emphasizes the importance of communication and letting go after breakups, reflecting on her experiences as a mother and a successful career woman amidst relationship challenges.

Despite setbacks and heartbreaks, Seymour remains resilient, finding solace in her career and her enduring bond with her family, including her children and grandchildren. Through it all, she embraces the lessons learned from life’s trials and continues to inspire with her grace and resilience.