Jennifer Garner proud to show off’ her boyfriend – and you might recognize him

Amidst the whirlwind of attention surrounding Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s rekindled romance, Jennifer Garner has quietly been nurturing a relationship with businessman John Miller, away from the glitz and glam of Hollywood.

Since her divorce from Affleck in 2018, Garner, 51, has found solace in an on-and-off relationship with Miller, a man who shares her preference for a low-key lifestyle.

But who exactly is John Miller, the man who has captured Garner’s heart? Born in 1978, Miller is an attorney and CEO of CaliBurger, a fast-food chain, and its parent company, CaliGroup.

Previously, he held the position of VP of intellectual property at Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals.

Miller was previously married to American violinist Caroline Campbell, with whom he shares a daughter and son. Following his divorce, he found companionship with Garner, who appreciates his aversion to the spotlight.

Unlike Garner’s high-profile marriage to Affleck, her relationship with Miller thrives away from the public eye. The couple prefers simplicity over extravagance, choosing to cherish their bond without seeking validation from external sources.

Despite a brief split in 2020, Garner and Miller have recommitted to their relationship, with friends describing them as mutually supportive and deeply caring for each other’s well-being.

While Affleck’s remarriage to Lopez may have raised eyebrows, Garner and Miller remain unfazed, continuing to enjoy each other’s company without succumbing to public scrutiny.

As their relationship evolves, Garner and Miller are gradually becoming more comfortable sharing glimpses of their love with the public.

While marriage remains a topic of discussion, they are content to savor the present without rushing into formal commitments.

For Garner, who endured the spotlight during her marriage to Affleck, finding love with someone outside of the celebrity sphere brings a sense of peace and fulfillment.

As they embark on this journey together, Garner and Miller’s love story serves as a reminder that true happiness lies in the simplicity of genuine connection, far removed from the glare of Hollywood’s spotlight.