John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s Low-Key Arrival of Their Fourth Child – What We Know About Their Parenting Adventure

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen have shared their heartwarming journey to welcome their fourth child, a son named Wren Alexander Stephens, who arrived with a unique and special story.

Before Wren’s birth, the couple openly discussed their challenging experience of losing a pregnancy before having their third child. This time around, they enlisted the help of a remarkable woman named Alexandra, who served as a surrogate to assist them in expanding their family. Grateful for Alexandra’s incredible support, Chrissy expressed in a blog post that she found Alexandra to be the most amazing, loving, and compassionate surrogate imaginable. From the beginning, Chrissy felt a strong connection with Alexandra and envisioned a lasting friendship, with their families intertwined.

Chrissy detailed Alexandra’s dedication, including surgeries and the mental challenges she faced, all in the pursuit of giving them the chance to have another child. The two women were simultaneously pregnant, with Alexandra carrying their son. The families celebrated this joyous occasion, uniting over hot pot dinners and watching Vanderpump Rules, forming a close-knit blended family.

On June 19, Chrissy took to Instagram to share the beautiful and chaotic moment of witnessing Alexandra give birth. She expressed admiration for the strength, joy, and love she witnessed during the delivery.

In a heartfelt gesture of gratitude, Chrissy and John revealed their son’s name as Wren Alexander Stephens, with the middle name serving as a forever connection to their surrogate, Alexandra. The couple, who already have two older children, Luna and Miles, and welcomed their third daughter, Esti, six months ago, expressed their excitement and love for their new addition, emphasizing the profound impact of Alexandra’s gift in their lives. John Legend shared a family picture on Instagram, introducing Wren Alexander Stephens as their “new love.”