Johnny Depp Faces Backlash for Edited Photo Featuring Robert Downey Jr.

Johnny Depp recently faced backlash after posting a digitally altered image of himself alongside Robert Downey Jr. on social media, congratulating the latter for his first-ever Oscar win. Downey Jr. secured the Best Supporting Actor award at the 96th Academy Awards for his remarkable performance in Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer.”

In his acceptance speech, Downey Jr. expressed gratitude for the opportunity, acknowledging the significance of the role and the collaborative efforts behind the film. Despite the accolades showered upon him, controversy ensued when Depp shared a photo of him and Downey Jr. that turned out to be a manipulated image from 1988, featuring Downey Jr. with his then-girlfriend Sarah Jessica Parker, but Depp was digitally inserted into the frame.

After fans pointed out the Photoshop fail, Depp swiftly removed the picture and replaced it with a genuine photograph of himself and Downey Jr. at the Golden Globes in 2011. However, the incident stirred up discussions online, overshadowing Downey Jr.’s Oscar win.

The controversy surrounding Downey Jr. continued as he faced criticism for his apparent lack of acknowledgment towards Ke Huy Quan, who presented him with the Oscar on stage. Many viewers noted the absence of a handshake or eye contact between the two, sparking further debate and speculation.