Joy Behar Waited 29 Years to Marry Retired School Teacher 7 Years Younger than Her

Joy Behar, a prominent figure in daytime television, has experienced marriage twice and embraced motherhood and grandmotherhood.

The co-host of “The View” is currently married to a man several years her junior, with whom she shared a long-standing relationship before tying the knot.

Behar joined “The View” as one of its original panelists in 1997, contributing to the show’s success for many years. However, she briefly departed in 2013, only to return in 2015.

Reflecting on her departure, Behar expressed relief, stating, “I was glad to be fired.” She admitted feeling fatigued with the show at that time, although she couldn’t recall the exact reason for her sentiment.

The television personality was puzzled by the network’s decision to let her go for two years and asserted that they had made a mistake. Nevertheless, she resumed her role on “The View” and affirmed in an interview in October 2022 that retirement was not on her agenda.

Behar, now 81 years old, celebrated her birthday on “The View” in October 2023, albeit without much fanfare, preferring to acknowledge the gift of life itself.

She marked another milestone that year, commemorating her wedding anniversary with her second husband, Steve Janowitz.

Behar and Janowitz, a retired school teacher, exchanged vows in August 2011 after nearly thirty years of courtship. During their wedding, they sported coordinated outfits, symbolizing their enduring commitment to each other.

In interviews, Behar humorously addressed questions about her marriage, emphasizing that she and Janowitz are not overly sensitive individuals and share a mutual understanding.

Despite their lengthy courtship, they decided to marry for emotional and legal security, particularly as they age.

Janowitz, seven years Behar’s junior, has been a supportive partner, as Behar revealed during an episode of “The View” in October 2021. Their marriage has endured for 12 years, showcasing their enduring bond.

In addition to her role as a wife, Behar cherishes her role as a mother. She shares a daughter, Eve Behar, with her former husband, television director Joseph Behar. Eve has since become a mother herself, making Behar a proud grandmother.

During an appearance on “Anderson Live” in November 2011, Behar fondly shared anecdotes about her grandson, Luca, marveling at his brilliance and early linguistic skills. Her joy in grandmotherhood mirrors her enduring passion for life and family.

Regarding Luca’s mother, she is an artisan who specializes in crafting unique, handmade ceramics. In August 2023, she treated her Instagram followers to a glimpse of her latest art exhibition, accompanied by a heartwarming family photo.

In the photograph, Luca appears mature beyond his years, now a teenager. Positioned among his parents and grandparents, he radiates a sense of poise while his family members exude pride and joy. Another picture captures a tender moment between Luca and his cherished grandmother.

Additionally, Eve shared snapshots from the art showcase, featuring fellow attendees and enthusiasts. The caption accompanying her social media post reads, “Scenes from an art opening.

Thank you to #juliekeyes #juliekeyesgallery for a wonderful opportunity to showcase my new creations.” She invites her followers to visit the exhibition in Sag Harbor, situated in Long Island, New York, encouraging those interested to explore her latest artistic endeavors.