Julia Roberts Gave Birth to Twins at 37 — Pics of Her ‘Beautiful’ Teens Who Look like Her Husband

Julia Roberts takes immense pride in her marriage and the joy she shares with Danny Moder. The couple consciously keeps their relationship private, safeguarding their children from the intrusive spotlight. Julia and Danny are parents to three kids: 18-year-old twins Phinnaeus and Hazel Moder, and 16-year-old Henry Moder.

At 37, Julia welcomed her twins, Phinneaus and Hazel, into the world, and they arrived healthy at a Los Angeles hospital in November 2004 around 3 a.m. On a different note, Henry joined the family on June 18, 2007.

Becoming a mother in her late 30s, Julia expressed that her kids chose her to guide and shepherd them when she was ready.

Despite occasional fears of parenting missteps, Julia believes her children entered her life at the perfect moment. During their younger years, the actress prioritized quality time, playful teasing, and shared laughter with her kids.

In a humorous revelation, Julia shared that Henry once thought discussions about the twins referred to him and his siblings collectively, not just Phinnaeus and Hazel.

Julia not only enjoys playful moments with her kids but also endeavors to shield them from the pitfalls of fame. While her kids were aware of her fame, they never fully grasped its magnitude. Uncomfortable moments arose when they encountered tabloid headlines in stores, containing false information.

The inaccurate tabloid rumors, especially those speculating about her happy marriage, hurt Julia. In response, she and Danny chose to relocate from Los Angeles, initially settling in a ranch in New Mexico, seeking a more private environment.

A friend revealed that the couple, who previously resided in Los Angeles for work, didn’t want their children growing up in the show business culture of the city. Eventually, they moved to San Francisco to provide their children with a more grounded upbringing, away from the celebrity spotlight.

As a protective mother, Julia disclosed in 2019 that she prohibits her children from using social media to shield them from the pressures of the modern world.

She regulates their TV content and introduced family meetings, acknowledging the challenges that come with the world at their fingertips. Julia believes it’s her responsibility as a parent to keep her kids off social media, as they don’t need it at this stage of their lives.

Beyond safeguarding her kids, Julia ensures they receive unconditional love to navigate the complexities of today’s world. She actively supports them in dealing with contemporary issues.

When Hazel faced a tough time and felt hopeless, Julia seized the opportunity to empower her. She took Hazel to her first Women’s March in Washington, emphasizing her daughter’s place in a world where she could stand for her beliefs.

Hazel, described as “one of a kind” by her mother, attended the 74th Cannes Film Festival in 2021 with her father, opting for a simple look and rejecting her mother’s suggestion to wear eyeliner.

Despite being protective, Julia allows her children to explore her belongings. Hazel once tried on Julia’s black and white Valentino gown, worn when she won an Academy Award in 2001. Though too big for her, Hazel looked stunning in it, creating a cherished memory.

While Julia has invested much love and protection in her children, she acknowledges that motherhood is an ongoing learning process. According to her, the key to navigating it is recognizing that no mom can do everything, encouraging others not to feel ashamed or fearful about seeking help.

In 2022, Julia expressed feeling a mix of excitement and lightheadedness as her twins prepared for college. Having never attended college herself, she was fascinated by the new experience her kids were about to embark on.

Julia often sees her resemblance in her children, but when Danny comes home, she realizes that they also resemble him. Danny occasionally shares pictures of their kids online, receiving positive reactions from fans.

As the twins turned 18 in November 2022, Julia shared a sweet throwback picture, and Danny posted photos of their kids, eliciting positive responses from fans who praised the couple’s attractive children.

Fans noticed the children’s resemblance to their father, with many pointing out how Hazel shares a striking resemblance to Danny. Julia Roberts and Danny Moder, married for 21 years, continue to find joy in their union, prioritizing the well-being of their children and shielding them from the complexities of the show business lifestyle.