Kevin Costner finally makes heartbreaking confession about his divorce – confirms the rumors were true

Kevin Costner has opened up about the heartbreak he experienced from his divorce with Christine Baumgartner, calling it a “crushing moment.”

The renowned actor and his former partner made headlines last year with the announcement of their separation after 20 years of marriage. It was widely speculated that Baumgartner initiated the divorce, leaving Costner shocked and heartbroken by her decision.

Until now, Costner has kept his feelings private. Following a legal battle over child support, the Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves star seems to have reached a place where he can openly discuss his split from the designer.

In a recent interview with CBS News, Costner reflected on the divorce, saying, “That’s a crushing moment. It hurt, but I go forward.”

He emphasized that he had “no choice” but to move on for the sake of his children. Costner and Baumgartner share two sons, Cayden, 17, and Hayes, 15, and a daughter, Grace, 14. Costner also has three children with his ex-wife Cindy Silva and another son with Bridget Rooney.

“My children are looking at me, so I can’t wilt like a daisy,” the 69-year-old actor remarked about the separation from Baumgartner. “I have to go forward. I have to continue to be who I am and to keep a special eye on who they are.”

The reasons behind the end of Costner and Baumgartner’s seemingly happy marriage were speculated upon extensively last year. Some sources blamed Costner’s demanding Yellowstone schedule, while others suggested that the actor was suspicious of Baumgartner’s friendship with Josh Connor.

Earlier this year, reports surfaced that Baumgartner had moved on with Connor after they were seen together, despite her testimony in court in July that they were just friends.