Kevin Costner suspected affair between ex-wife and her new man – and you might recognize him

The highly publicized split between Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner has been a rollercoaster ride of rumors and speculations, with no signs of slowing down.

Officially divorced since September 2023, reports suggest that both have been navigating the waters of new romances. Costner has been romantically linked to singer Jewel, while Baumgartner is reportedly dating Josh Connor, despite denying their relationship during divorce proceedings.

Adding fuel to the fire, an insider recently claimed that Costner had long suspected his ex-wife of having an affair with financier Connor. Baumgartner eventually confirmed their relationship earlier this month, after months of speculation.

According to an insider speaking to Us Weekly, Costner had sensed that “something was going on between Christine and Josh”, noting their “close bond” as an undeniable presence.

Recent photographs published by the Daily Mail depict Baumgartner and Connor together, including one where Baumgartner, a fashion designer, is seen dropping Connor off at his home.

Their relationship came under scrutiny last July when they were spotted vacationing together in Hawaii, prompting questions during Baumgartner’s divorce proceedings. While she denied Connor being her boyfriend, subsequent reports suggest they took another trip together to Hawaii in December.

Sources confirmed to the Mail that Baumgartner and Connor’s romance has been ongoing for some time, with the insider revealing that they spent time together in Hawaii before Christmas while Costner was presumably with the kids in Aspen.