Kurt Russell Turns 73 — Kate Hudson Shares Touching Tribute to ‘Devoted’ Stepdad Who Raised Her

Marking a bond that transcends biological ties, Kate Hudson celebrated Kurt Russell’s birthday with a touching tribute, showcasing their deep connection filled with love and wisdom.

In a poignant homage that illuminated the strength of familial bonds beyond genetics, Kate Hudson recently honored her stepfather Kurt Russell on his 73rd birthday, affectionately calling him “Pa.”

Sharing a nostalgic throwback photo on social media, capturing a tender moment from her childhood with Kurt, Kate’s message overflowed with love and gratitude. She exclaimed, “LOVE YOU PA! ST PATRICKS DAY IS ALWAYS THE BEST BECAUSE WE GET TO CELEBRATE YOU. Happy birthday Pa! We love you.”

This heartfelt tribute is just one of many instances where Kate has expressed her admiration for Kurt, demonstrating the profound impact he has had on her life and that of her siblings.

On Kurt’s birthday in 2021, Kate shared a family photo featuring Kurt, her mother Goldie Hawn, her brothers Oliver Hudson and Wyatt Russell, and Kurt’s son, Boston Russell. Her caption painted Kurt as a pillar of strength and support for their family, reflecting on the significant role he plays in their lives.

Kate’s Father’s Day posts also reflect the close bond between Kurt and his stepchildren, celebrating his role as a fun, adventurous, and devoted father.

In a revealing interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” in January 2024, Kate and Oliver Hudson shared humorous anecdotes about Kurt, showcasing his intriguing personality and the unique experiences he has had. Despite his Hollywood persona, Kurt is affectionately referred to as “dad” by Kate and Oliver, highlighting the deep affection and respect they have for him.

Through interviews and heartfelt tributes, Kurt Russell emerges not only as a beloved father figure but also as a proud and loving dad who cherishes every moment with his children.

He also recounted a charming anecdote from Kate’s childhood, where she would energetically bounce on and off her bed for hours while joyfully singing Van Halen’s “Jump.”

The bond between Kate and Kurt surpasses the typical stepfather-stepdaughter relationship. Through a multitude of shared memories, public tributes, and personal stories, they exemplify a familial love deeply rooted in respect, admiration, and an unbreakable bond.

Another heartwarming story emerges from a recent post by Kate, coinciding with an exciting announcement from Kurt’s son, Wyatt.

Kurt Russell and his stepdaughter, Kate Hudson, have long shared a harmonious relationship. Their close bond is evident through their frequent praise for each other on social media. On Thanksgiving, Hudson shared a heartwarming video of their family celebration.

In the video, Hudson and Russell are seen cuddling up for a photo. Russell beams with joy while Hudson rests her head on his arm, eliciting delight from fans.

Commenters expressed happiness at seeing the joy radiating from Hudson and Russell, with many describing Russell as “adorable.” The video sparked admiration for the close-knit Hollywood family.

The family video followed shortly after an announcement from Russell’s son, Wyatt, revealing that he and his wife were expecting their second child, making Russell a grandfather for the eighth time. The due date for the baby has yet to be announced.

In a joint interview, Russell and his son discussed the upcoming addition to the family. Russell’s son shared his excitement about becoming a parent again and praised Russell’s role as a grandfather.

Reflecting on Russell’s relationship with his grandson, Russell’s son emphasized the special bond they share, noting Russell’s unique approach to grandparenthood.

Russell also opened up about his enduring relationship with Goldie Hawn, emphasizing love, gratitude, and compassion as the pillars of their partnership. Despite not being married, they have maintained a strong bond for 34 years, supported by family, fun, and laughter.

Their public declarations of love and support reinforce their enduring commitment to each other, proving that a strong foundation of love and mutual respect can withstand the test of time.