Look at how the Hollywood actress Julia Roberts looks without makeup.

The recent photos captured by photojournalists left fans in disbelief as they could hardly recognize Julia Roberts 😱😳.

It’s a natural and inevitable part of life that nobody gets any younger as time goes by. Recently, photojournalists had the rare opportunity to photograph the legendary and beloved film star, Julia Roberts, who, it seems, wasn’t prepared to be in front of the camera.

What surprised her fans the most was that Roberts appeared without any makeup, which made them struggle to identify their beloved idol. Some left comments such as, “She went from a stunning beauty to an exhausted senior woman.”

However, others pointed out that her smile remained unchanged, and they praised her, saying, “She looks gorgeous no matter what,” “She’s aging beautifully,” and “Look at her flawless figure.”

One fan even exclaimed, “I wish I looked like this at 55!”

What are your thoughts on the Hollywood actress’s appearance?