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By sharing pictures of their daughter, Artem and Daria piqued the interest of internet users. Daria is a healthy and fully grown girl, in contrast to the selected one they mentioned. Artem, known for his witty and caring nature as a father, was a point of focus. The heroine of our story, Dasha, confessed to her readers that she had never paid much attention to his physical appearance.

After the birth of their child, Dasha faced confusion from her followers, who believed that Daria might have been fathered by someone else due to her not inheriting her father’s good looks. Dasha clarified for online users that her husband is, indeed, the biological father of their child.

Despite the online harassment, Artem and Daria persist in sharing updates on their lives through Instagram. Notably, Artem is an active individual who manages to work remotely.

In order to support his wife and their young children, Artem works as a programmer. We can only wish this lovely couple continued patience and happiness at this point.